X muse vodka
‘We look at spirits as a cultural product
                 deeply rooted in human nature’

Vadim Grigoryan, X MUSE co-founder,
Artistic and Brand director
X muse vodka next to a collection of suitable glasses

Heritage Barley

We use two heritage varieties of barley, Maris Otter and Plumage Archer, distilled separately and combined in precise quantities. A process unique to us. It is this careful orchestration of barleys, prized for their flavour, that makes X MUSE so smooth and complex.

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Heritage Barley field

Beauty of water

Any bottle of spirit is 60 per cent water. The water we use is of exceptional purity, drawn from an ancient aquifer at Scotland’s Bonnington Estate, positioned at the heart of a remarkable creative landscape called Jupiter Artland. Here art and nature interact to create new energies and insights, suggesting new possibilities. Our water carries that energy, that spirit.

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A bottle of tenth muse vodka
The source of water in Scottish highlands

Cells of Life, 2008


X MUSE will be present and active in places, many and various, where art and creativity are celebrated. Its spiritual home though is Jupiter Art Land, the remarkable, award-winning sculpture park outside Edinburgh founded by Nicky and Robert Wilson. Jupiter Artland is our source and inspiration.

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A happy farmer jumping in a field

Cells of Life, 2008


We find inspiration in art and nature and in those who have shared that passion: Charles Jencks, who designed landscapes of transcendent beauty, including Cells of Life which frames the Bonnington Estate aquifer, the source of our water. Amongst the collection at Jupiter Artland is the sculpture Xth Muse, by the Scottish poet, artist, gardener, Ian Hamilton Finlay, which inspired our vodka’s brand name.

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A sculpture by Ian Finlay Hamilton

Xth Muse, 2008

MARCEL DUCHAMP, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, 1923

The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass), 1923


Virginia Woolf talked about the “opening up of single and solemn moments of concentrated emotion”, those points in time when we are fully present and truly alert, open to the people around us, to the particulars of a place, to nature and the play of elements, when we are most alive. Those moments are Ambromoments (from the Greek word ambrotos, "immortal") and X MUSE is dedicated to their creation and celebration.

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Design insipiration for our vodka


X MUSE can be sipped and savoured straight, or on the rocks but it is also an inspirational starting point for both classic and creative vodka cocktails. The possibilities are endless – from the elegantly restrained to the wildly experimental. Read more about some of our favourites.

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A model looking at glasses of tenth muse
A bottle and a cocktail glass containing our vodka
‘There is energy in all things,
                  in the Earth, in landscape, in nature, 
         in art, in beauty and in water’

Robert Wilson, X MUSE co-founder, CEO