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National Vodka Day: Seven brilliant British vodkas to try now

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Best of British…

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The Spirits Business

X MUSE wins Gold at The Vodka Masters 2022

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The Esquire Bar Cart - A mainstay for any discerning mixologist, there’s more to this staple spirit than meets the eye.

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17 Best Luxury Vodkas For Sipping And Shaking

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FT (How to Spend It)

What's the alternative to Russian vodka?

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“Owners Robert Wilson and Vadim Grigoryan bravely chose barley over the more traditional potatoes or wheat to create “a sipping vodka that is also great in classic cocktails such as martinis.” Difford’s Guide says “it’s fantastic in a 5:1 stirred martini.””

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“Not content with its new Tracey Emin sculpture and exhibition, Jupiter Artland has a spectacular new temple to vodka in its Pool Gardens. X MUSE Temple offers tasting sessions overlooking Joana Vasconcelos’s stunning Gateway pool — sipping three different X Muse vodkas from crystal glasses made by the Austrian designers Lobmeyr. ”

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“X MUSE is certainly a vodka designed to be sipped, savoured and contemplated. One of the most characterful on our list.”

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“Dubbed X MUSE Temple, the structure takes shape as a reflective dome with a meticulously designed interior made out of bespoke handcrafted objects and locally-sourced materials.”

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X MUSE is a winner of a 2022 Wallpaper* Design Award: Best drinking den

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Blended-barley vodka brand X MUSE is an adventure with art and alchemy

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The Best Dressed At Frieze Week, London: Matchesfashion.com Frieze X Muse dinner at 5 Carlos Place

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Studio Formafantasma elevates X MUSE with an elegant tasting collection

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Kithship Rituals by X MUSE, Cocktail of the Week: This fig-based delight is ideal for sharing with loved ones

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This remarkable new launch has all the smoothness of a premium vodka, all the tradition of a single-malt Scottish whisky

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A decidedly stylish premium vodka bursting with complexity and attitude

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