X MUSE Vodka Tastings

X MUSE invites you to our spiritual home, the X MUSE Temple, based at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh, to experience our unique vodka tasting tours. The temple, designed by Formafantasma, is an immersive, thought provoking space and only accessbile through our tasting tours.

The X MUSE Temple

Helicon Workshop, designed by FormaFantasma

Helicon Workshop

The Helicon Workshop will be conducted by one of our highly trained vodka tasting tour guides. They will delve into the roots of the X MUSE brand, what inspires us, and how X MUSE Vodka is made.

A walking tour of the key artworks is offered along with 3 samples of vodka followed by a serve of the X MUSE Signature Martini.

Driver packs are available to take away and enjoy at home for those not able to taste on the day.

Crystal Glassware, crafted specifically for X MUSE tastings by crystal manufacturer Lobmeyr

Yuba Tartelette canapé created by Chef Carlo Scotto, paired with the X Muse Signature Martini

Book your experience

Tickets are available to buy at £23 per person and this includes a full day visit to Jupiter Artland.

For enquiries, email the experiences team at info@xmusevodka.com