Scottish Barley Vodka + Giftbox

Distilled and bottled in Scotland
70cl 40% vol.


NOSE: Ripe, fragrant apples and pears, hints of cider and apple pie, then pear drops emerge together with freshly pressed apple juice.

PALATE: Delicate, fresh mouthfeel, sweetness opens up releasing pear drops and juicy, crisp apples together with richer, baked apples, hints of honey, ginger and nutmeg, leading to cider notes and subtle, underlying dryness with a hint of creaminess.

FINISH: Juicy apples and pear drops balanced by dry base notes, then cider emerges with hints of baked apples and ginger.

X MUSE vodka is the first blended barley vodka from Scotland. Honouring the region's spirit-making traditions, X MUSE (pronounced Tenth Muse) uses two heritage prized barley varieties for flavour, Plumage Archer and Marris Otter. X MUSE draws water from the ancient aquifer at the heart of Jupiter Artland. Water, the main component of this spirit, carries history within it. The production stages employ artisanal processes and cutting-edge techniques to compose the perfect blend and taste, perfect on its own or in a vodka cocktail. 70cl 40% vol.

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