3 Essential Rules for Drinking X MUSE Vodka the Correct Way

Vodka, a classical and well known worldwide spirit, has a reputation for being a key figure in many cocktails. It's perfect for creating the base for cocktail combinations because of its opaque properties and subtle flavor it can take on any character of a drink. However, when the spirit is isolated for its own characteristics how is it supposed to be enjoyed? X MUSE, pronounced tenth muse, aims to reinvent premium vodka by becoming the first blended barley vodka influenced by Scottish spirit making traditions.

We rely on that history and experience, combining heritage barley with the purest water to create a delightful vodka with the richest, deepest character and attributes. Using methods similar to a fine Scottish Whiskey the distinctive characteristics and aromas allow for a delicious drink whether that’s neat or in a refined cocktail. In this article, we'll look at the magic of vodka and the three crucial things everyone can do to make sure they always prepare their vodka at its best. "Be prepared for the best vodka martini you've ever had" - Master of Malt.

1. What’s The Best Thing To Mix With Vodka?

X MUSE's one-of-a-kind distillation lets nature lead the way in terms of flavor, using two varieties of heritage barley, Maris Otter and Plumage Archer in our craft. With each barley distilled separately and mixed in a specific quantity, it's that careful orchestration of this ingredient which is prized for the flavor that makes X MUSE so smooth and complex. A great compliment to any cocktail where the taste of vodka could play out.

Enriched with our surroundings here at X MUSE, our brand takes a lot of its inspiration from the arts, not just the artists and their works, but many creative practices and creative thinking. X MUSE is a brand that recognises the parallels between art and business and has integrated the discourse of particular artists into its brand vision and methods. With creative mixology cocktails being no exception. Heavily influenced fusions of flavors, crafting key cocktail combinations that harmonize X MUSE vodka and allow for cocktail sipping at its best. Cocktails stem from inspirations like that of Ian Hamilton Finlay's playful concrete poetry or the creative essence of Garda Muse. The magic in experimentation is at the forefront of our brand, providing the art of vodka considered as a tool for your own creative roam into the world of mixology. If cocktails aren’t your go-to, vodka naturally matches itself to the subtle and fizzy nature of soda, adding an elegant but simple nature. Enjoyed best with a slice of lemon or a lime wedge to add in those citrus flavours alongside the aromas of X MUSE’s earthy quality. Another great alternative and a traditional way to enjoy vodka is drinking it neat, however if enjoyed neat it’s key to prepare the vodka for the occasion.

2. Drinking At Optimum Temperature

Although vodka does not freeze when frozen, it is critical to keep it chilled rather than cold to enhance the flavor and make it more palatable. In Eastern Europe, they believe vodka is best served pure and chilled, and since this is where vodka originated, it goes without saying that a good quality vodka is the best way to serve it.

When one thinks of the common odorless and opaque spirit, they may not necessarily choose to enjoy it neatly. However, vodka distilled with the purity and nature like that of X MUSE provides unique aromas and flavor profiles making it as necessary as ever to try chilled and neat. With our sourcing of Scottish barley, our vodka is rich and deep with flavors and aromas to enjoy with ease. Distilled similar to that of whiskey, the art form is very much back into tasting the spirit, which therefore means, vodka neat is a delicious way to drink X MUSE . If you are planning a meal, alongside drinking X MUSE neat, you could accompany this spirit with many seafood delicacies of the Scottish provenance such as hot and cold smoked salmon, pancakes with salmon roe or even, scallops seared with garlic and parsley.

Although most spirits are sixty percent water, the properties of that water are rarely considered. We recognise that water's beauty has its own history, as well as the charge of rocks and minerals. Our water is the foundation of X MUSE, and we obtain it from Scotland's Bonnington Estate. It is known for its purity and need. The water utilised in our vodka is collected from the aquifer in Scotland, which is a concrete gesture of gratitude. It's an easy sipper that showcases the earth's energy with this energiezed water that adds an extra dimension to our spirits.

3. Glassware Best For Vodka Drinks

When it comes to tastings, it’s all about the experience. Saying that, let’s not forget the beauty of a drinking glass, coming in all shapes and sizes suited for every cocktail on the planet. With the art of cocktail making, the beauty of sourcing the correct glassware comes hand in hand with the essence of cocktail making. Functionality and beauty from the correct glassware can provide key qualities like allowing the alcohol to aerate or to trap in the scent allowing for heightened taste buds, the reasoning behind glassware really is a work of art.

When it comes to savoring a cocktail, the shape and elegance of the glasses add to the experience. Vodka is a competitor for many glasses since it is the base for most frequent mixology experiments. As a brand, we seek to harmonise with what nature affords us, therefore nature dominates within every bottle of X MUSE. Due to the unexpected nature, each bottle has various tones and flavors to celebrate our relationship with earth's energy. This unpredictable nature allows individuals the unique option to be adventurous in their investigation of what tones and flavours they wish to harmonise with the spirit. As a result, each bottle has its own distinct blend of fragrances, which we advise you to enjoy and enhance with the perfect cocktail glass, which we would say is the best achieved in a glass shaped like a tulip, such as Riedel Ouverture Eau De Vie or, a Spirit Glass for all of those straight sippers. The magic of pairing is down to your creativity and your unique X MUSE vodka.