3 Mother's Day Tipples: Cocktails Your Mum Will Love

Have you ever been lost when it comes to Mother’s day? It can be very difficult to find the perfect gift for your parents, especially when asking them only gets a polite dismissal. Luckily, our friends at X MUSE have compiled the perfect list of tipples for such an important celebration. These cocktails are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces this Mother's day 2023, so let's make this year's celebrations the best ones yet.

When in doubt, cocktails on Mother’s day are always a surefire way to make sure everyone has a good time and our Scottish Blended Barley Vodka is the perfect base for any beverage that picks your fancy. So, leave the drinks for Mother’s day to us, and give yourself time to focus on what's really important - spending time with loving families and friends.

Our Top 3 Vodka Cocktails For Mother’s Day 2023

We have put together a small list of drinks that your mum will love, most of these recipes have things you most likely already own, but seeing as the occasion is special, we have also added some more interesting and creative options.

1. The Oracle

This aptly named vodka cocktail is perfect for the Mother figure in your life. Someone who has helped you throughout life to become who you are today, an oracle that has shared wisdom with you since infancy. This clean, smart drink is also perfect for the spring season as we prepare for warmer weather and sunnier days.

This sweet, yet tart drink is the perfect addition to your festivities. The smooth olive-oil-infused vodka pairs beautifully with notes of Mastiha, lemon and sugar syrup. And the drink also features a classic finishing touch in the form of a single green olive to add a dash of umami goodness.

The X MUSE Oracle is the perfect idea for any intimate gathering or celebration this Mother’s day, and will not only help you stave off the last days of winter, but will surely create a jovial and serene atmosphere at any party you want to throw for your parents, so let it guide your celebrations and we are sure that they will be a resounding success.

2. X MUSE Star Must Steer

This cosmic cocktail is packed not only with flavour but also with metaphorical and inspirational ideas about life. The Star Must Steer cocktail is a truly poetic drink and will give you much to discuss if served at your celebrations.

The poetic cocktail’s title is an ode to Finlays’s 1968 poem print Star/Steer. The idea behind the drink is to reflect on what figures you choose to follow in life, and we think that Mothers and matriarchal figures are usually high on that list for a lot of us.

This fruity, citrus-based cocktail is a sweet and timeless gift idea and its poetic depth and character are matched perfectly by its harmonious flavour. Gift your family not only a delicious vodka cocktail experience but also a thoughtful and artistic insight into the nature of familial relationships and the life journeys we all undergo.

3. X MUSE Martini

If the situation calls for a sleek, simple and elegant option, the timeless X MUSE Martini is the perfect cocktail for Mother’s Day 2023. This drink is a classic, it is charmingly subtle yet incredibly delicate and would surely add to all of your celebrations this Mother’s day.

To truly relish in life’s simple pleasures, we recommend you keep your options simple yet stylish and that will give you more time to spend with those who matter. This recipe is easy and quick to make, yet remarkably refreshing and crisp with sweet, citrusy undertones. A perfectly tender drink, for a tender moment between family this Mother’s day.

By trusting us with your cocktail suggestions, we assure you a celebration filled with gratitude and happiness for your parents this year.

We hope all your celebrations are perfect, and we strongly encourage all to maintain and fortify your relationships with those around you, those who really matter and will always be there to guide and help when needed. With all that being said, we wish all a happy Mother’s day.