3 Vodka Dessert Drinks For After Dinner

Eating a rich dessert after an indulgent dinner can be too much for the digestive system but sometimes having a centre-piece pudding is non-negotiable. If this sounds familiar and you’re experiencing a dessert dilemma, there’s an easy solution that will take the stress out of dining. So, what’s the big secret then? Well, if you’re a fan of vodka, the chances are that you’ve already tried some of the classic vodka cocktails like the Mule, Martini, or Bloody Mary. Most of us tend to think of them as a drink we might have on a night out, but it’s time to adjust your thinking because a premium vodka makes the perfect base for an ultra-decadent vodka dessert cocktail either to be drunk as a complement to the sweet course or as an alternative to dessert. Not forgetting that serving a classic cocktail is a superb way to prolong proceedings, move the night along, satisfy a sweet tooth or simply, bring the meal to an exquisite end.

Our Favourite Dessert Cocktails

Cocktails are so often enjoyed on a night out, but they’re ideal to have alongside food or as a sophisticated after dinner drink too. With so much choice around, the difficulty is selecting which one to drink. Sometimes only a saccharine sweet cocktail will do, one that can sit alongside or take the place of a decadent pudding. At other times, the taste buds fancy something fresher or more bitter. Luckily, there’s always a vodka cocktail that’s right for the occasion.

X MUSE (pronounced tenth muse) Scottish Barley Vodka is the first blended vodka to be produced from barley. Smooth, rich, and complex, this innovative spirit, with a smooth sip, is an excellent base for vodka cocktails and martinis. Get ready to savour a vodka rich in flavour, brimming with the aroma of apples and pears and a palate of sweetness that has hints of apples, pears, honey, ginger, and nutmeg.

Here at X MUSE, we’re celebrating World Dessert Day this October and to honour this fact, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite X MUSE vodka dessert cocktails, fresh from our Cocktail Compendium. Serve one of these beauties up at your dinner party and we guarantee that your guests won’t be leaving until you’ve promised to give them the recipe!

Keep It Classic With These Vodka Cocktails

For a fresh, fruity flavour that clears the palate, there’s nothing better than an X MUSE Fresh-Spiration. Served in a highball glass with a slice of pink grapefruit and mint, this citrussy vodka-based cocktail is the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness.

Not to mention, that it’s incredibly easy to put together, so there’s no disappearing into the kitchen, whilst the guests are left to talk amongst themselves. In fact, why not make mixology a feature of your meal and get everyone involved. All you need is to build the cocktail with 50ml of X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka, 10ml of Italicus (a light, sweet citrus liqueur) and 75ml of Soda. Then, stir. It really is that simple.

If you’re looking for a cocktail with more complex flavours to wow your dinner party guests, then look no farther than the syrupy Kithship Rituals. With 10ml of Koutsogiorgakis Fig Syrup, 5ml of Sugar Syrup as well as 10ml Briottet Crème de Fig, this one hits the sweet spot whilst 5ml of Gimber Ginger Concentrate adds a bit of much needed zing and 20mls of rosemary water brings about a herby twist. Ensure you’ve got plenty on tap though because your guests will demand a second helping when they taste this delectable vodka dessert cocktail.

For simple elegance, the award must go to vodka-based cocktail, X MUSE Martini. Truly irresistible, it combines 60ml of X MUSE stirred in with 10ml of English Dry Vermouth, 2.5ml of simple syrup and 3 dashes of salt, then fine strain and pour into a chilled coupette glass. Top off with a lemon coin for an effortlessly chic alcoholic dessert, perfect for celebrating with friends or family.