3 Warm Vodka Tipples For A Cosy Night In

When the night becomes darker and days become shorter, it can be hard to wind down and warm up. That is why warm winter cocktails are a great way to enjoy yourself and stave off the cold. But what is the best spirit of choice for your cocktails? Most people automatically go for brown spirits such as brandy, whiskey, and rum. But why do people exclude vodka? At X MUSE, we believe it makes the perfect winter vodka cocktails when it is icy and wet outside. Also, vodka connoisseurs believe that vodka is the best warm alcoholic tipple for wintertime, with its flavourful notes and silky-smooth finish.

Is Vodka Good To Drink In Winter?

Alcohol can have a lovely warming effect when you drink it but is vodka a good drink to have this winter? Well you may not know this but Vodka comes from Northern Europe and due to the harsh weather and cold conditions, it is nearly impossible to grow fresh fruits such as grapes that are used to make wine and other spirits.

However, in what is now known as the 'Vodka Belt', which includes Russia, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland, grains and root vegetables like potatoes, can be grown and used to make vodka.

Therefore this makes vodka the perfect winter alcoholic beverage and many people believe that it will warm you up from the inside on a cold winter's day.

Made popular by the one and only James Bond, it is the Martini!

We have put our own spin on this classic cocktail with the X MUSE Signature Martini.

X MUSE stirred with dry vermouth, and distilled olives served with a caper berry

-50ml X MUSE vodka
-10ml Noilly prat dry
-1ml Oli still
-Garnish with a caperberry

3 Vodka Cocktails For Winter

Winter vodka cocktails are a great addition to any frosty-weather shindig. Vodka is a wonderfully versatile spirit with a clear, clean taste that pairs well with any flavour, from sweet to savoury, and dry to spicy. As such, you can make a huge variety of vodka-based cocktails for wintery get-togethers, which is fantastic when you want to pair your drinks seamlessly with the food or snacks you’re serving.

Here’s our go-to list of easy winter cocktails that feature vodka as its base spirit:

1. X MUSE Bloody Mary 2.0

This is our twist on the classic Bloody Mary, perfect to warm you up this winter with spice and flavour.

-40ml X MUSE Vodka infused in oregano
-10ml Lemon Juice
-100ml Passata (mixed with dry tomatoes)
-5 dashes of green tabasco sauce
-8 drops of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce
-Celery salt
-Garnish with a slice of cucumber

2. The Oracle

This cocktail is a sweet, yet sour drink with tantalising notes of X MUSE vodka. Perfect for a sweet, warming pick-me-up with a dash of zest.

X MUSE vodka infused in olive oil with mastiha, lemon juice, and sugar syrup, garnished with a green olive.

-35ml X MUSE vodka infused with olive oil
-15ml Mastiha
-15ml Lemon juice
-5ml Simple syrup
-Garnish with a green olive

3. X MUSE Mule

Our X MUSE Mule is the perfect sweet warming tipple to have this winter. Perfect for cold evenings, getting cosy by the fire or making for a special festive occasion.

X MUSE, falernum, pineapple, simple syrup and topped up with ginger ale, garnished with mint and coconut musk oil.

-40 ml X MUSE Vodka
-15ml Velvet falernum
-20ml Clear pineapple juice
-10ml Simple syrup
-75ml Ginger ale