4 Vodka Cocktails to Try Right Now

Given that vodka is one of the most popular spirits of all time, it’s typically known as the spirit that has the capacity to blend in seamlessly with a variety of flavourings and mixers. With the popularity of vodka comes its reputation as a cocktail classic, due to its ability to harmonize so well with nearly every flavour combination you throw at it. It’s grown a reputation as having endless capabilities when it comes to vodka cocktails.

Vodka is one of the most popular spirits of all time, and for good reason. It's clear distilled nature allows for the ideal cocktail base, meaning it harmonizes so elegantly with numerous different flavour combinations and mixers. Forming a reputation for itself as the all time go-to for the cocktail classics. The capabilities and mixology combinations are endless when it comes to vodka cocktails. Here at X MUSE, we not only celebrate vodka as one of the greatest spirits, but we also honour traditions alongside cutting-edge distillation and purifying techniques to source our own unique flavours. The challenge of creating the ideal mixology to savour and celebrate the precise flavours of X MUSE Vodka comes with said precision. Because of this, we want to impart the knowledge of our mixology endeavors to you so that you can enjoy vodka with such style and excitement. Discussing our top favourite vodka cocktails to try, some new, some old but all delicious.

X MUSE Vodka Slushies

With our vodka consists of a general 60% water, valuing and celebrating the beauty of Scottish traditions through its key flavoursome notes. X MUSE flavour profile is just as unique resulting in delicious, rich and deep qualities of a X MUSE bottle. Since the weather has heated up and the need for something refreshing comes to the forefront of our minds, we recommend making X MUSE Vodka Slushies. Launched at our Jupiter Artlands’s annual artist-led festival ‘Jupiter Rising 2022’ it was the showstopper you needed. Since it went down so well we’re bringing to you the recipe to enjoy from your home.

At home slushy recipe includes:
-80 ml of X Muse Vodka
-20 ml of Campari
-65 ml of lemon juice
-60 ml of rasberry syrup (can buy pre-made from Funkin)
-100 ml of water

Add all to a container, shake and freeze until it's slush! Festival season isn’t over just yet, therefore enjoy the rich flavors of X MUSE in a summer delight.

Spin On the Classics

Here at X MUSE, pronounced Tenth Muse spirits are seen by us as cultural products with a strong foundation in human nature. This history and our in-depth comprehension of the significance that distilled beverages and spirits have inform X MUSE. Wanting to create new narratives that are fine tuned with nature and most importantly, ourselves. We believe that you should embrace change with energy and curiosity and engage with new possibilities. Therefore we’ve interpreted and reimagined some classic vodka cocktails and tailored them to match with the flavour profile of our vodka.

Our first reimagined vodka classic was first served at X MUSE Helicon Workshop reception, at Cromwell place and since then continues to impress. Our reimagined Moscow Mule cocktail called X Muse Mule Cocktail. Is a fierce but fruity cocktail and is the perfect go-to when sourcing a cocktail at home. With simple ingredients and the ability to make your own sugar syrup so easily, it’s the ideal to turn to on any occasion.

With the recipe including:
-50 ml of X Muse Vodka
-20 ml of lime (or lemon juice)
-10 ml of simple syrup (mix 10ml of water with 10g of caster sugar.)
Top: ginger beer
Garnish: lime wheels or zest
Glass: tumbler

What’s The Best Seasonal Vodka Cocktail?

Embracing nature in all its glory is very important to us, therefore we recommend sourcing cocktails and flavour combinations in sync with the seasons. Optimising flavour combinations based around seasonal fruit to enrich and celebrate local produce and nature at its best. One cocktail that will fine tune you to the seasons is our Kithship Rituals Vodka Cocktail. Inspired by Alberta Whittle quoting ‘Feeling the desire to call forth revelry as stolen time, topsy-turvy power from below, the flavours of this cocktail are muddled with hope, figs, ginger, rosemary and citrus’. An ideal feel of autumnal seasonal fruit with X MUSE vodka fused alongside the rich and sweet flavours of figs. A seasonal fruit best picked in September and October, meaning it’s the ideal time to try this cocktail whilst nature calls.

-50ml X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka
-50ml Fig, Rosemary and Ginger Syrup*.
-Garnish: Rosemary and fig (atttach Rosemart to stem with mini peg)
-Glassware: Nick ‘n’ Nora

*To make the Fig, Rosemary and Ginger Sypruid simply mix:
-20ml of Rosemary water (approx. 1 sprig per 100ml boil for 5 minutes)
-5ml of Gimber ginger concentrate
-10ml Koutsogiorgakis Fig Syrup
-5ml Sugar syrup

Energise Your Night With Our Matcha Fusion

When it comes to this beloved Japanese green tea, the least expected place would be to have it in a cocktail. However, the grassy notes from the antioxidants and vitamins fuelled green tea harmonises elegantly with the rich tones of our X MUSE vodka. Re-establishing the classic of a martini in the Matches Matcha Martini first served at the MATCHESFASHION Frieze in 2021 it’s shaped itself into a great favourite today. This cocktail showstopper consists of:

-50ml X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka
-30ml Belsazar White Vermouth
-10ml Matcha Tea Syrup
-Garnish: Black Olives
-Glassware: X MUSE Coupette by Formafantasma

To prepare the matcha green tea syrup add 100g of sugar alongside 10g of matcha powder to 100ml of hot water (not boiling) and leave to cool. Topped with 5ml of organic green food colouring, mimicking nature this cocktail is a perfect showstopper for those feeling more adventurous with their flavour combinations!