4 Winter Food Pairings For X MUSE Vodka

When we think of the perfect food pairings with our drinks, we usually think of the classic wine, cheese and crackers. However, vodka is much more than just a base for cocktails or to simply pair with your soda water and lime.

The flavoursome notes and smooth body of vodka means it is renowned by vodka connoisseurs when it is paired with certain foods. The vodka flavours can really stand out when accompanied by the right food.

At X MUSE, our vodka is recognised for its smoothness and light taste, making it the perfect vodka to have over meals and different types of food. In this article, we will show you the best winter food pairings to accompany your X MUSE Vodka,as well as the perfect warm winter vodka cocktails.

What Food Does Vodka Pair Well With?

Vodka is known for having a neutral crisp base, so what are the best vodka accompaniments when it comes to food? Sipping on an artisan vodka over dinner can be refreshing and the perfect accompaniment, however, over a dessert you may wish to opt for something a little sweeter like a cocktail.

Here are a few of the popular vodka and food pairings:

1. Smoked & Salty Fish

Smoked and salted fish paired with vodka makes the ultimate combination. The mild sweetness and smokey flavour of the fish complements vodka's lightness to perfection.

2. Ham/Sausage

Vodka pairs well with salty foods, so it is in no wonder it is the perfect pairing with sausage, smoked hams, and pork tenderloin. The salt and fat of red meats such as sausage creates a perfect balance with a smooth and refreshing glass of vodka.

3. Cheese

Cheese and wine is what everyone thinks of, but cheese and vodka is the ultimate creamy, salty and refreshing combination. The rich flavour from the cheese compliments the crisp vodka flavour. Have as a snack or the perfect after dinner palate cleanser.

4. Breads

The simple pairing of X MUSE vodka and bread, such as a dark bread like pumpernickel or rye makes for the perfect snack. The flavour from the bread pairs perfectly with the smooth, crisp notes in the vodka.

The Perfect Warm Winter Cocktails

When it comes to winter, all you want to do is get warm and cosy. Now you can do this with our perfect winter cocktails.

X MUSE vodka can be enjoyed on its own, paired with food or used as the base of a cocktail. Some cocktails can be too rich and sweet to have with dinner over food, but there are some classic cocktails that go perfectly. Think salty fish and fresh spicy cocktails or a smooth fresh martini. Here are our winter vodka cocktails:

X MUSE Vodka Martini

Another elegant and stylish option we have been loving so far this year is X MUSE’s Martini with Vodka. This timeless cocktail blends our pure heritage barley vodka with dry Vermouth. It’s simple yet perfect.

Our Vodka Martini is easy to make, with refreshing hints of tart lemon and notes of sweet syrup.

-60ml X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka
-10ml Schofield’s by Asterley Bros, English Dry Vermouth
-2.5ml Simple Syrup (2:1)
-3 dashes Salt
-Garnish: Lemon Coin
-Glassware: Coupette

Just like the ingredients, the method is simple yet effective. Stir down the ingredients, fine strain and pour into a chilled glass. Now you have the perfect classic martini to enjoy.

The Classic X MUSE Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is a classic favourite. Our delicious blend of familiar flavours, stirred alongside Fino Lustau Sherry and Agave syrup, as well as a rich Tomato Liquor cumulates into a classy and refreshing experience in this Bloody Mary cocktail, making a perfect pairing for a hearty sit-down meal, a quick on-the-go brunch or any other social gathering that you may have in mind.

This spicy, savoury drink packs a punch and also pairs well with food, making this an incredibly versatile cocktail and a go-to for many different people. Follow our carefully constructed recipe for the perfect Bloody Mary cocktail.

Ingredients: -50ml X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka
-30ml Fino Lustau Sherry
-20ml Tomato Liquor
-10ml Agave Syrup (2:1)
-5 dashes Saline
-5 dashes of Green Tabasco
-1 Ice Block Garnish: Basil & Greeted Horseradish
-Glassware: Rock

For the method, build and stir the ingredients all together to make the perfect Bloody Mary cocktail.