Autumn Is Here - Ways to Enjoy Vodka in the Colder Months

Vodka might lend itself to poolside cocktails or a stunning sunset, but now that the seasons are changing, is there still a place for this celebrated spirit?

Gladly, it’s a wholehearted yes! Of course, Vodka is enjoyable during the colder months too. In fact, we’d even go as far as saying that with its purity and warmth, vodka positively excels during fall. And with the night’s drawing in, it’s surely time for a get together with friends or a much-needed family gathering? But whoever you have over, how better to impress your visitors with a stunning vodka cocktail.

Cocktails Perfect For Autumn

The secret to creating a sublime cocktail lies with the quality of the underlying vodka. That’s why X MUSE Vodka is the go-to spirit when it comes to the exacting art of mixology. The simple reason is that no other vodka will do.

With the benefit of history and experience, X MUSE have blended the purest Scottish water, drawn from an ancient aquifer and combined it with heritage barley to produce the ultimate craft vodka full of depth and character.

Scotland’s first vodka is undoubtedly a triumph, but you might be surprised to hear that it’s been a long time coming. Using traditional, artisanal processes that have been around for thousands of years, X MUSE have been able to successfully merge these with cutting-edge techniques, by no means, an easy feat.

The result of old meets new is a clean, rich, flavourful mouthful of deliciousness, ripe with the aroma of apples and pears and a palate of sweetness including apples, pears, honey, ginger, and nutmeg, a truly modern vodka with a distinct nod to the past.

Our Favourite Fall Cocktails

If you love a vodka cocktail, check out XMUSE’s Cocktail Compendium for some spectacular autumn cocktails. Here are three of our favourite signature XMUSE cocktails but which one will be yours?

1. X MUSE Bloody Mary

Originating from a French bartender and taking centre stage during the heady 1920s and 30s, this favourite is also known as the ultimate hangover cure. If you’re not keen on the usual thick texture of Bloody Mary or just fancy something different, try this brilliant take on the Bloody Mary. You won’t be disappointed.

Aptly named X MUSE Bloody Mary, you can ditch the tomato juice and Worcestershire Sauce, because this version features the much lighter combination of 30ml of Fino Lustau sherry, 20ml of tomato liquor, 10ml of agave syrup (2:1), 5 dashes of saline, 5 dashes of green tabasco, 1 ice block as well as 50ml of X MUSE vodka, of course.

Perfect for the morning, afternoon or whenever. With a grating of horseradish and basil for its garnish as well as the tabasco, it’s the perfect level of spice for an autumn vodka cocktail.

2. X MUSE Mule

Despite the familiar Moscow Mule, it’s believed that the Mule was borne out of Manhattan during the 1940s. Typically made with ginger beer, X MUSE have created a mule with an enticing twist, adding 20ml of clear pineapple syrup, 10ml simple syrup, 75ml of ginger ale and 15ml Velvet Falernum mixed in with 40ml of X MUSE vodka.

Best served in a highball glass, why not go the whole hog, and garnish your Mule with a sprig of mint and coconut musk oil. Simple perfection in a glass.

3. X MUSE Star/MUSt/stEer

Read as Star Must Steer and first served at The Goodman’s Gallery walk through with artist Naama Tsabar during October 2021, this is a must serve, if only for its sheer beauty. A rich red-orange liquor combined with dusted gold blueberries and mandarin oil; it’s a cocktail that embodies all the richness and colour of fall and is incredibly easy to make. All you need to do is stir down the first three ingredients, 50ml 0f X MUSE Vodka, 20ml Drambuie, (a fine Scottish liqueur if you’ve not tried it before) and 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters then pour into a glass before garnishing.

Not forgetting that this cocktail was inspired by the poet Ian Hamilton Finlay, its unusual name is in reference to his 1968 poem Star/Steer, making it a wonderful poem -cocktail, ideal for sipping as you feel the emotion of the words. An impeccable Vodka cocktail that you’ll be proud to present at any dinner party.