Everything You Need To Know About How X Muse is Made

Vodka isn't what it used to be. In fact, it's much better. The world of Vodka is rapidly changing, with more flavours and textures now available than anyone ever thought possible. X MUSE Vodka serves as a perfect example of a modernised approach to vodka, but without totally subverting the spirit-making traditions that came before it. Founded on the principles of forward-thinking philosophers that have inspired us in our journey, we strived to make a vodka that is bold, flavoursome, and elegant. This article details how we achieved our trademark premium taste.

What Materials Are Used To Make X MUSE?

Production starts with the raw materials, and X MUSE strives to only use the highest quality ingredients available to us. Thankfully, Scotland is home to some of the purest water sources in the world, and we were able to secure water from the Bonnington Estate aquifer in the Highlands. This is one of the cleanest varieties of water available in the UK, and it makes up the bulk of every bottle of X MUSE.

The next key component that makes up our blend is the barley. We opted for barley due to its ability to produce a lighter-bodied vodka rich in flavor. Whilst many different varieties of barley were considered in the creation process, ultimately the benefits of heritage barley were far too great to ignore. Beyond health benefits such as a lower cardiovascular impact on the body compared to traditional barley, heritage barley also benefits the environmental and local ecological systems. We are proudly the first vodka to be blended using barley.

The Distillation Process

Each of our heritage barleys is then distilled separately, in order to bring out their individual qualities in the blending process. Doing so allows for a wider flavour profile. There can also be variances in barley due to seasonal effects or weather. This means that every batch of our blend will have its own minute differences that make them totally unique. What happens takes time - as the liquid turns to vapour, then turns back again. Each batch of distilled barley is then blended together to create a new conversation and unique taste.

Before bottling, we let the mixture rest so that the distillates might combine and fully complement one another. This interaction and unity of different blends make for X MUSE's innovative taste.

The Principles That Guide The Distillation Process

The tenth muse in Greek philosophy is that which is unknowable and unformed. This is alongside the other muses responsible for heavenly art and creation. X MUSE has innovated in so many ways, but it has not lost sight of its roots. Scotland is steeped in spirit-making traditions that span centuries, and these traditions act as a foundation for how we begin our craft. However, we don't let traditions act as inhibitors to creative freedom, and always ensure we leave ourselves room to innovate and introduce new methods and techniques into our production process. The basic alchemy and process remain true with all our batches, but we differ in what materials we use and how they are eventually blended together. The result is a distinctive spirit that can be drunk alone but also goes perfectly inside a cocktail.