Finger Food We Recommend Pairing With Our Vodka

Vodka is a versatile drink known for its ‘plain’ undertones, making it the perfect base for cocktails and a popular spirit with a mixer. This is because vodka is known for being rather flavourless and odourless.

It is a light spirit, so finding food pairings with vodka is relatively easy as it complements a number of different flavours. That being said, opt for strong flavours - think smoked and pickled to pair with the zing of the vodka aftertaste. Vodka has unique notes so stay away from bland, mellow tasting foods.

At X MUSE Vodka, we want people to enjoy vodka and taste the different flavours and consciously pair it perfectly with appetisers, h'orderves or dinner. In this article, we will explore the different vodka food pairings and the best finger foods to enjoy with a glass of X MUSE vodka on the rocks. Vodka is best served cold, on the rocks where you sip it and taste all the different flavours.

What Food To Pair With The Classic Vodka Martini

Vodka and food pairings make an unlikely yet sophisticated match. It is an art form to balance the flavours from the vodka with the strong kick of the alcohol. Therefore, you need food that will mute this but also complement it.

The classic martini is famous for a reason and what better way to show it off at your next dinner party than pairing it perfectly with the right finger foods? Vodka food pairing requires the right foods to enhance the notes of the vodka. There are many foods that work well when paired with vodka. Here are our top vodka martini food pairings for you to try:

1. Vodka and Caviar

Caviar and vodka go together like James Bond and a martini. It is a match made in delectable heaven. The salty taste from the caviar pairs perfectly with the sharp, crisp notes of the barley vodka. It is your choice whether you serve it on its own or put a spoonful on top of little pieces of toast.

2. Pickles and Vodka

Pickles and vodka….need we say more? The sour and salty flavour complements the smooth notes from X MUSE vodka. However, make sure that the vodka is ice cold to avoid an aftertaste from the pickles.

3. Smoked Salmon

Vodka and more or less any fish pairs delightfully, however, vodka and salmon are a match made in finger food heaven. This vodka and food pairing is the perfect hors d’oeuvre to serve at any soiree, just follow up with a cold glass of our vodka. You can serve the smoked salmon on crackers, with sour cream, and topped with capers. The perfect salty treat!

4. Steak

Food pairing with vodka is best when it is kept simple and balances out the flavour and crispness of the spirit. The heavy, smokey flavours from steak make it the perfect food pairing. Grab your favourite steak, cook it to your liking and serve it for a meal or slice it and serve it as a great little snack with a martini or on the rocks.

5. Cheese

Cheese, crackers and vodka…this sounds like the perfect evening to us! This food vodka pairing is not only simple but quick and easy to rustle up for any occasion, whether it is an appetiser before dinner, or as a palette cleanser afterwards. Cheese is always a good idea and the sharp, heavy notes from the cheese pair with the crisp, citrus noted from our vodka from barley.