How To Make A Bloody Mary The X MUSE Way

It’s often considered the hangover cure, but the appeal of the classic Bloody Mary doesn’t stop there. This savoury cocktail is also a fantastic addition to brunch and cuts the mustard as a spicy aperitif to kick-start the night’s proceedings. So, how did this all come about? Who had the revelation that vodka, tomato, and a hint of spice are a match made in heaven?

In this article, we will see where the bloody mary cocktail originates and the best recipe for you to try and impress your guests at the next dinner party.

Where Does The Bloody Mary Cocktail Originate From?

There are various theories about the origins of the Bloody Mary but its popularity really took off during the 1920s. Since then, all manner of twists have been made on the traditional Bloody Mary. It can get confusing, leaving the mixologist asking, should I add an olive, lemon, celery salt, tabasco, salt and pepper or something else?

Not to mention that the addition of unexpected ingredients has turned into a bit of a sport. Nowadays, you’ll spot the most incredible versions out there including a Bloody Mary topped with a jumbo shrimp or even a full cheeseburger slider. But if these over-the-top versions aren’t your cup of tea, what then makes the quintessential Bloody Mary?

For sure, it should taste salty and savoury, rather than sugary sweet like so many other famous cocktails, the spiciness, however, is adjustable to the drinker’s preference. Finding the right balance of all these components is the difficult part, drinking this spectacular cocktail, of course, is easy.

The Perfect Bloody Mary With Vodka

Whether you think it’s named after Queen Mary Tudor, who had a penchant for executing protestants or a dancer that one of the early proponents of the drink had a fondness towards, the key to creating a sensational Bloody Mary with Vodka is the purity of the spirit.

That’s why X MUSE is your go-to Vodka when it comes to creating a sublime Bloody Mary recipe. Our innovative distillery has blended the purest Scottish water, drawn from an ancient aquifer before using artisanal processes, combined it with heritage barley. The result is an unbelievably clean craft vodka, with sophisticated, subtle layers. We’re talking fruity apples and pears, a touch of sweet honey plus spicy ginger and warming nutmeg to tantalise the discerning palate.

Try Our X MUSE Bloody Mary

For some, a thick bodied tomato juice is an important component, but if you’re not a fan, don’t be so quick to write the Bloody Mary off because there is another way. For those not keen on the pulpy texture of the traditional Bloody Mary, or perhaps just fancy trying something a little different, you must try the X MUSE way of making a Bloody Mary, straight out of our Cocktail Compendium.

We tend not to follow traditional routes, so tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce are not included in our original X MUSE Bloody Mary recipe. Instead, you’ll find the X MUSE version much lighter, but completely delectable and flavoursome.

Sure to impress your guest list, this inspired take on the classic cocktail features the gorgeous combination of 30ml of Fino Lustau sherry, 20 ml of tomato liquor, 10 ml of agave syrup (2:1), 5 dashes of saline, 5 dashes of green tabasco, 1 ice block as well as 50 ml of X MUSE Vodka, of course.

Whether served with breakfast, brunch or as a pre or post dinner drink, this clever combination will have you wanting more. Taste isn’t the only factor in creating a signature cocktail though, because it must also look enticing. So, take a moment to carefully position grated horseradish, a sprig of basil and tabasco for its garnish as per the recipe, and bingo, this cocktail is elevated to next level status.

If you’d rather not mess with the classic recipe Bloody Mary though, never fear because the X MUSE Bloody Mary 2.0 version is just for you. This version uses 100 ml of passata (mixed with dry tomatoes) for a more refined version of tomato juice. There are also 5 dashes of Green Tabasco sauce, 8 drops of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce and a dash of pepper for heat and warmth.

The saltiness is provided via celery salt whilst a hint of bitterness has been added into the mix through 10 ml of lemon juice. Of course, you’ll need 40 ml of X MUSE Vodka infused in Oregano to transform it from virgin to alcoholic, also ensuring a clean albeit herby stamp of authority on this most delectable cocktail.