How Water Influences Your Vodka

There are many parts that all work harmoniously together to create a smooth, tantalising vodka full of flavoursome notes. From the ingredients, water, distillation process and bottling.

The various ingredients that are fermented to create the vodka will determine the outcome, however, there is no vodka without water. Vodka and water are the perfect pairings and it plays an essential role in the taste and purity of the spirit.

In this article, we will go over the importance of water in vodka as well as the best way to source the purest water, to create vodka worthy of the gods.

At X MUSE, we believe vodka is more than just a drink, it is an experience, it will take on a journey of history and a whirlwind of adventure and flavours.

The Importance Of Water In Your Vodka

For many people when they think of water and alcohol, they automatically shift gears and consider whiskey and bourbon because water plays a huge part in these spirits.

But when it comes to clear spirits such as vodka water actually plays a larger more prominent role. In a bottle of vodka, you will find on average that it contains 60% water of the total bottled volume.

The type of water chosen to be used in vodka will determine its quality and the characteristics of the finished taste. This is because water plays a vital element in the overall taste, clarity, and smoothness.

Our Purification Process

Quality vodka needs to be smooth and pure. So how can this be achieved? It is through the distillation process to remove any impurities.

X MUSE is the first blended barley vodka, and distilled in Scotland because it is a country with centuries of spirit-making tradition. We drew inspiration though from the method, not the myth, the elements, ingredients and the process. And while we have studied the many spirit-making traditions and their roots in alchemy, we are always looking forward, adopting science and technology when they serve our purpose.

We wanted to create a vodka that invites sipping and savouring, which is no easy task. It cannot be bolstered by botanicals or aged in oak barrels. It must stand on its own merits.

That is why the distillation and purification process is what pushes us toward perfection.

The distilling process is beautiful. It is able to take the water and purify it by boiling it and then collecting the condensed water that evaporates. Through this process, any impurities are removed as they are too heavy to be carried up in the steam.

Where We Source Our Water From

With water playing a huge part not just in taste but in proportion to the alcohol, we wanted to make sure a lot of thought and consideration went into the quality of the water used.

We understand water carries its history, the charge of rocks and minerals. The water used as the base element of X MUSE is drawn from that aquifer, it is Scottish water purified underground and exalted above ground.

We only want the best ingredients and components in our vodka, you can’t get any better than the rich history and taste of pure Scottish water.

We believe that a barley vodka produced in Scotland, that draws on this history and experience, will be a spirit of the richest, deepest character and qualities.

The ancient aquifer at Scotland’s Bonnington Estate, at the heart of Jupiter Artland, is surrounded by the sculptural banks and barrows of the land artist Charles Jencks. Dotted with small, pristine lakes, this is a place where water is celebrated, a physical expression of thankfulness.