Nose, Palate & Finish: Our Vodka's Tasting Notes

X MUSE, pronounced "tenth muse," is the first blended barley vodka influenced by Scotland's spirit-making traditions. We use that history and experience, as well as craft and modern processes, to create a tasty vodka with the richest, deepest character and attributes.

X MUSE vodka is Scotland's first blended barley vodka. X MUSE uses two traditionally esteemed barley varieties for flavour, Plumage Archer and Marris Otter, to honour spirit-making traditions. X MUSE gets its water from Jupiter Artland's old aquifer. Water, the major component of this spirit, contains history. The phases of manufacturing use artisanal processes and cutting-edge techniques to create the optimum blend and taste, ideal on its own or in a vodka cocktail.

This article explains how we got our signature premium taste and will dive deeper into X MUSE vodka’s tasting notes.

Tasting Notes For Vodka

Vodka is no longer what it once was. It's actually a great deal better. The world of vodka is fast evolving, with more flavours and textures accessible than anyone could have imagined. X MUSE Vodka is a superb example of a modernised approach to vodka that does not completely undermine the spirit-making traditions that came before it. We set out to create a vodka that is strong, flavorful, and elegant.

As you may be aware, some vodkas are quite neutral, but others have a unique mouthfeel and flavour. You'll be able to recognise the different flavours and tasting notes of each vodka by trying them all.

The aim of X MUSE Vodka is on both taste and texture. To ensure the highest quality barley vodka, diverse components, production methods, and unique distillation procedures are used. X MUSE vodka features traces of lemon zest and grain, creating a distinct flavour profile.

NOSE: Ripe, fragrant apples and pears, cider and apple pie notes emerge, followed by pear drops and freshly squeezed apple juice.

PALATE: Delicate, fresh mouthfeel; sweetness opens up, revealing pear drops and juicy, crisp apples with richer, baked apples, honey, ginger, and nutmeg notes, and a slight, underlying dryness with a trace of creaminess.

FINISH: Juicy apple and pear drops are balanced by dry base notes, followed by cider with traces of baked apples and ginger.

How X MUSE Tasting Notes Are Unique

The source of the water is an important aspect of the flavour of premium vodka brands. The water utilised in X MUSE's premium barley vodka is sourced from an ancient aquifer in the centre of Jupiter Artland. This land's rocks and rich foils have filtered water for millennia, resulting in the clearest, purest water. Because water makes up more than 60% of premium vodka, finding the purest water with a distinct origin is critical to creating the best vodka. At X MUSE, we commemorate Scottish history by employing the cleanest ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind flavour pallet for our barley vodka.

X MUSE uses barley vodka, thus the flavour is distinct from other vodka brands. Indeed, X MUSE is the only vodka brand to employ blended barley vodka manufactured in Scotland, a place with centuries of spirit-making traditions. X MUSE's vodka has a distinct taste and nuanced flavour due to its unique mixing procedure, making it ideal for straight-up sipping.

When it comes to tasting notes, expect the nose to be aromatic with a hint of apple and pears when drinking on X MUSE. The palate of the vodka will be delicate, with a fresh texture, and you may detect flavours of honey, ginger, and nutmeg. The finish will include juicy apples and pear drops balanced by dry base notes, followed by cider with hints of additional baked apples and ginger.

Vodka Ingredients

X MUSE starts with the finest ingredients, obtained locally from Scotland and elsewhere in the UK. This is done by our team to assure the traceability of all of our ingredients. All of our spirits are produced in batches of consistent quality, albeit with modest variances in flavour profiles. Nature is unpredictable, and the most natural components tell stories of seasonal change, of unmanageable amounts of sun, wind, and rain.

X MUSE's Scottish vodka technique embraces that variability, amplifying it in distillation and thereby orchestrating its effects by the spirit manufacturer, with each batch possessing a different yet balanced combination of flavours and tones. Artisan vodka production techniques are an inspiration, but not a step-by-step guide. We dug into these traditions and discovered new methods to be creative and imaginative while using modern distillation technologies.