Our Top 3 Simple And Refreshing Vodka Serves To Enjoy This Summer

As summer approaches there’s nothing better than a cold, fruity and refreshing beverage in hand. Here at X MUSE vodka, we’re all about fun in the sun, particularly when it comes to delicious vodka concoctions. From our refreshing X MUSE fresh-spiration, to our mouthwatering X MUSE Mule, we’re sure there’s a cocktail for everyone to enjoy in the sunshine this summer. Be sure to also check out our full collection of our luxurious vodka based cocktails to try at home in the summertime. In this article, we will look at some of our delicious summer cocktails with vodka that you can make easily to enjoy at home.

The X MUSE Fresh-Spiration

One of our favourite summer cocktails with vodka - our X MUSE Fresh-Spiration - is sure to quench your thirst and hit the right spot. This simple vodka based cocktail uses a flavoursome combination of X MUSE vodka, italicus and soda.

We find the X MUSE Fresh-Spiration cocktail is generally best served with a piece of pink grapefruit and some mint buried into the top of the glass. As one of our easy vodka cocktails, it is an excellent choice for any occasion due to its simplicity and limited number of ingredients required to create it. We absolutely love the vibrant colours which the pink grapefruit gives, combined with the green mint nestled securely within the top of the clear liquid which serves as an excellent homage to summertime.

50ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
10ml Italicus
75ml Soda

We find this vodka cocktail is perfect when enjoyed out of either a rock glass or highball. Simply build your cocktail and stir the ingredients before garnishing with your pink grapefruit and mint for one of the best summer vodka cocktails. Yum!

The X MUSE Mule

Our X MUSE Mule is a reinvention of the infamous vodka mule with an X MUSE twist - by adding clear pineapple juice into the mixture this adds a truly sweet sensation from start to finish to make a lovely and refreshing vodka cocktail in summer.

This vodka cocktail combines ingredients to truly give that summer holiday feel, and the sandy golden colour incorporated with the green mint garnish truly embodies the feeling of a sandy beach in the summer sun.

40ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
15ml Velvet Falernum
20ml Clear Pineapple Juice
10ml Simple Syrup (1:1)
75ml Ginger Ale

We advise the best way to garnish our X MUSE Mule is by using a piece of mint lodged in the top of a highball glass. We love this super refreshing drink due to its simplicity - just shake the ingredients together and build and you are all good to go.

Matches Matcha Martini

Our Matches Matcha Martini was first unveiled at the MatchesFashion Frieze X MUSE dinner back in 2021. One of the tastiest summer cocktails with vodka, our matcha martini is served using X MUSE vodka stirred with vermouth and matcha tea syrup, with a garnishing of black olives.

50ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
30ml Belsazar White Vermouth
10ml Matcha Tea Syrup *
Black Olives

We find the best way to garnish our Matches Matcha Martini is by serving this delicious vodka-based cocktail in an X MUSE coupette. Simply stir down the ingredients and remember to make sure your glass has been chilled before pouring. Add some black olives to garnish and enjoy!

*Preparation: To make the Matcha tea syrup, just combine 100g of sugar and 10g of matcha tea with 100ml of hot water and leave it to cool down. Add 5ml organic green food colouring to colour it and..voila!