The Tenth Muse: The Elixir Inspired By Traditions of Scotland

As goddesses of the arts, the nine muses are well-known in Greek Mythology from 700BC. Blessed with wonderful artistic talents they possess great beauty and elegance to the symbolic remembrance of the ancient Greek world. The muses still see their way in the modern world with a Jupiter moon being named in 2005 after Aoede, one of the three original Muses. Their significant figures embodied our historical creativity and heavily influenced our brand values at X Muse, pronounced ‘tenth muse’, with a mission to search out and engage in places where art and creativity are celebrated.

A brand name such as X Muse has many layers of meaning and attributes. There are only nine Muses in Ancient Greek mythology, with descriptive names. The Tenth Muse represents the unseen, the hidden, the undefined which resulted in our brand credo “more is hidden than uttered”. With the nine muses in Greek Mythology being the goddesses of inspiration, arts and science they empowered all creative works in the ancient Greek world.

It is said that all artists, politicians, and scholars believed that they achieved success via the guidance of one or more of the nine Muses, with not one being able to create anything without the goddesses offering help or inspiration. The tenth Muse for us, takes its influence from a sculpture at Jupiter Artland by one of the great Scottish artists Ian Hamilton, leading an inspirational pathway for us; it resulted in us finding our tenth muse. The nine muses are known for heavenly art and creativity in the ancient world whereas the tenth symbolises us.

Scottish Heritage Barley

Barley, a member of the grass family dating back 10,000 years ago is rich in significance and symbolism and new to the world of vodka distilling. In Greek Mythology, an ear of barley symbolized eternal life after death, known to be the first basis of alcoholic drinks for the Neolithic man. Barley is now central to spirit making traditions in Scotland, being commonly the source of any fine whisky.

With X Muse the first barley vodka to come out of Scotland, it demonstrates typical blends that are associated with the art of whisky making, however, reinvented for the vodka world. Bringing a fusion of smooth, rich qualities to a clear distilled alcoholic beverage that is vodka. With a carefully crafted fusion of two types of barley, allowing rest before bottling ensures time for the craft of distilling to amplify and collaborate. Resulting in every batch having a distinct balance of tones and flavours and with these flavoursome attributes, it allows for a straight-up sipping as well as the essential part of cocktails and martinis.

Esoteric Wisdom

X Muse vodka comes from ancient traditions, conceived like nothing else, established and esoteric in art almost lost. Experimented and re-engineered to push beyond traditions to fuse with modern creativity, it’s the first blended barley vodka inspired by the traditions of Scotland. Drawing inspiration from the method, not the myth, it stands alone on its own merits that create intense, elevated experiences that push for perfection. With spirituality and meaning infused within the brand, our philosophy is heavily influenced by ancient wisdom, science and philosophy, art and alchemy. Within these mediums comes a variety of disciples of spirituality.

Although our brand is driven by the physicalities of Scottish produce that are sourced from the very best ingredients, with a careful orchestration of two heritage varieties of barley called Maris Otter and Plumage Archer. The brand is based on creative references that transcend time, space and cultures. Providing a brand that not only produces Scottish vodka, that’s prized on its flavour but takes our key inspiration in Alchemy elsewhere. Our spiritual home Jupiter Artland sculpture park near Edinburgh is a perfect example of the juxtaposition of nature and concrete that showcases the relationship of nature and art harmonising together. A concept of absolute connectedness is also reflected through our brand's core values.