Vodka Gifts: For The Person Who Already Has Everything

Gift-giving can be seen as an art, some people being constantly good at gifting their loved ones whereas some know how tricky it is to envision what one would want. However, there are a few things out there that on a general term can be seen as a go-to for most even to those family members that already have everything. Sourcing a great gift as a slice of luxury and indulgent treat is a craft within itself, but here at X MUSE, pronounced TENTH MUSE, we celebrate the craftsmanship and beauty of nature in our premium vodka. Therefore the art of gifting the first heritage barley inspired by the spirit-making traditions of Scotland, is a great vodka gift for all taste buds. Drawing on history and experience whilst employing craft and new methods, to blend heritage barley with the purest Scottish water to produce our delicious vodka. It evokes a rich and deep character through its flavour profile, meaning it’s an ideal experience for any to explore alongside our other vodka accessories to wow the crowd.

Cocktail Accessories

A dinner party isn’t complete without a showstopper, and we believe the art comes in the most subtle places. Celebrating the craft of vodka drinking as a whole process, we believe flavour and ingredients set us aside from the crowd and therefore believe the taste from the distilling should also be unique. It mustn't be bolstered by botanicals or aged in oak barrels. It must stand on its own merits. Therefore a tasting glass to identify the process and rich flavours is a great gift for those who want to indulge themself in the crafts of X MUSE. Drawing inspiration from that of a fine whiskey purification and process make it so unique. Complimenting any dinner party with small appetizers, it’s a perfect compliment alongside an Olive glass and olive pick, to bring a level of luxury to your gift guide.

Special Gift Ideas for Vodka Lovers

Vodka, being such a world wide cocktail combiner it’s universal love means its a perfect gift for someone special. With a giftbox , one can treat their special ones with a taste of Scottish traditions, in the first vodka form. As well as being the first heritage barley, X MUSE vodka consists of a mixture of barleys, prized for their flavour rather than their yield, they make for a smooth, rich and complex equation. An idea for straight-up sipping as well as the essential component part of cocktails and martinis and a special gift for many to enjoy. To truly celebrate the posible flavour combinations and harmonise the vodka flavour profile making cocktail combinations to harmonise with the vodka is a perfect cocktail party idea. With ingredients and remakes of old classics like the vodka martini and moscow mule, X MUSE vodka is there at the basis of any great flavour profile. There to be explored how the gift receiver pleases. Making it a great go-to for a special vodka gift set. "Be prepared for the best vodka martini you've ever had" - Master of Malt.

The Gift Of Inspiration

X MUSE was founded on the principle of being the first to properly attempt the craft of "art thinking," with its distinctive distilling process. The flavour profile and brand concept are a reflection of the care and purity put into each stage. Giving while taking into consideration a brand, its history, and knowledgeable resources brings one closer to the spirit. For the most part, Ian Hamilton Finlay, a Scottish poet, author, artist, publisher, gardener, and landscape architect, serves as our inspiration at X MUSE. Someone who attracts a lot of attention to the craft of details, which is motivating for us. Our name is derived from a sculpture at Jupiter Artland by the great Hamilton Finlay, it’s a thing of complex resonances and pure beauty that we embed into our brand. A great story and great inspiration instantly reflects through the product, therefore as a vodka gift we also give the gift of inspiration and story that can maybe resonate with your own practice.