Vodka Tasting Made Easy: What Should Look For When Attending A Tasting

The beauty of vodka is found in the tasting. Each vodka has a distinct flavour based on its origin, distillation process, and ingredients. The beauty is in the water, as vodka is 60% water. At X MUSE, we celebrate the details that are often overlooked, as well as the energy and history that water carries as it is combined and charged with rocks and minerals.

With the base element of X MUSE Vodka drawn from the aquifer at Scotalnd’s Bonnington Estate that’s surrounded by small, pristine lakes with the water provided underground and exalted above ground. The essence and ability of these details is why our vodka has a distinctive flavour profile like no other. Therefore, In this article we’ll talk through those X MUSE’s tasting notes and what you should look out for when sipping our vodka either straight or within a cocktail.

Tasting Notes Of X MUSE Vodka

The art of tasting goes way back in history, with vodka being around since around the 9th century the art of tasting hasn’t changed much. Traditionally to enhance the flavours vodka tasting consists of a first sip to prime your palate that’s swirled around in the mouth and then discarded. Followed by a second taste immediately straight after that the distinctive flavours are then distinctively recognised.

Events such as that at Jupiter Artland, our vodka is straight sipped where the vast amount of X MUSE’s flavour profile comes to light. On the nose X MUSE’s flavour profile is fused with ripe, fragrant apples and pears as a first note then undertones of cider and apple pie come into play. Which then transcends into the flavours once sipped. As for the taste it’s a delicate sweetness of pear with hints of honey and ginger. A refreshing mouthful with an underlying dryness alongside a hint of creaminess.

What Makes Heritage Barley Vodka So Distinctive?

X MUSE vodka is conceived like no other and made like no other. It is rooted in ancient traditions and wisdom whilst embracing the natural world alongside new technologies and innovations. We, its makers, trust in technology and magic and embrace the very idea of change and engage with new possibilities.

Embracing historical routes, our heritage barley vodka was created. Using Barley and its rich history in spirit-making traditions in Scotland. Whilst using a blended vodka approach applying them in a new way heritage barleys are distilled separately, drawing out their finest qualities then blended to create a new dialogue and rested before bottling.

With X MUSE Vodka being the first blended vodka to be produced using barley, not big agri-business barley but two heritage varieties. That of Plumage Archer and Marris Otter both grown in the UK and distilled separately. It allows for a deep and rich flavour profile like no other. With revolutionary new methods that enhance and celebrate the fusion of the traditions alongside new innovations X MUSE’s distinctive ethos and distinctive flavour profile, is a distinctive new evolution in the distilling world. Therefore should be enjoyed and tasted by all.

“We want to tell a new story, shape a spirit, an elixir, that is closer to nature, to other human and non-human beings, and, importantly, to ourselves.”