What Is The Blended Vodka Approach?

The art of the blended approach is an essential counterpart of whisky making, and X MUSE vodka builds on these traditional methods, applying them in new and exciting ways in our blended vodka production. During this process, our heritage barleys are distilled separately in order to extract their finest qualities. They are then blended which, in turn, creates a completely new dialogue - a carefully crafted coming together which is far greater than the sum of its individual components. We then allow the blend to rest before bottling it, ensuring the distillates have plenty of time to mix and become truly complementary. It is this precise interplay and harmony that makes X MUSE vodka so uniquely balanced but still complex.

X MUSE: A Scottish Vodka Brand’s Blended Approach - With A Twist

Craft is materials + process - a simple equation, but, when executed using the finest ingredients, expert knowledge, innovative skills and creative imagination, it can produce a luxury vodka that boasts a variety of flavours to take your taste palette on a journey never before experienced.

X MUSE begins with the finest ingredients, sourced locally from Scotland and around the UK. Our team do this in order to ensure the traceability of every single one of our ingredients. All of our spirits are yielded in batches of consistent quality though with subtle differences in their tasteprofile. Nature is unpredictable and the most natural ingredients carry stories of seasonal variety, of sun, wind, and rain in uncontrollable measures.

X MUSE’s Scottish vodka approach embraces that variety, amplified in distillation and thus its effects orchestrated by the spirit maker, with each batch containing a distinct yet balanced combination of flavours and tones. Artisan vodka manufacturing techniques are an inspiration however not a direct instruction manual. We have probed these traditions and uncovered newfound ways to be creative, and innovative whilst employing contemporary distillation technologies.

Explore Christmas Cocktails With Our Vodka Blended Recipes

Each production stage employs artisanal processes combined with cutting-edge techniques which allow us to compose the perfect blended vodka. X MUSE Vodka can be enjoyed both on its own and in a number of vodka cocktails. Below are a few vodka cocktail blends to enjoy this holiday season.

1. Apple Cider Mule

A homage to our classic X MUSE MULE, this is one vodka cocktail that makes for the ideal Christmas Day addition to experiment with.

You Will Need:

-50ml oz X MUSE Barley Vodka
-20ml oz Apple Cider
-95ml oz Ginger Beer
-10ml Simple Syrup (1:1)
-Squeeze of Lime

Lime slice and powdered cinnamon to garnish
Glass: Highball
Instruction: Shake the ingredients and build

2. Kithship Rituals
Inspired by Alberta Whittle this cocktail is a level up this fall. First served back in October 2021 at MATCHESFASHION Frieze X MUSE dinner, it has been a classic ever since.

You Will Need:

-50ml of X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka
-50ml of Fig, Rosemary and Ginger Syrup*

-Rosemary & Fig (attach the Rosemary to the stem with a mini peg)
-Glassware: Nick ‘n’ Nora

Instruction: Stir down both ingredients and pour into a chilled glass.