World Art Day: What Inspired The Creation of X Muse

World Art Day is an annual festival of the fine arts to raise awareness of creative work across the world. Established in 2012 by IAA/AIAP and UNESCO coinciding with Leonardo Da Vinci's birthday of 15th April, it's a celebratory time for the arts. Following World Art Day, we wanted to devote this time to our artistic inspirations and creations, which have long been ingrained in our brand. Delving into our inspirations and explaining how they’ve led the way in our branding and creation of X MUSE vodka. Taking multiple artistic inspirations for our branding, vodka, and mixology of vodka cocktails, we fuse each to represent X MUSE heritage barley vodka.

Greek Mythology

X MUSE, pronounced Tenth Muse, is a first when it comes to Scottish heritage barley vodka. Made like no other, it's rooted in history and ancient traditions with an established passion for the arts. Pushing beyond common traditions shaping X MUSEaround technology and magic to create an augmented spirit with the richest, deepest character and qualities; it’s engineered to be the finest and first heritage barley vodka. Routed in Scottish traditions and distilled similar to that of fine whiskey, this vodka and what it stands for isn’t just inspired by art and artists but by artistic practice and thinking.

Tenth Muse represents all that cannot be unseen, the hidden, the undefined. Taking its cues from Greek mythology channeled from the art of great beauty and elegance of the nine muses in the ancient Greek world. Being the height of ancient creativity, X MUSE is fused with Greek mythology and creative arts. Not just being a vodka brand, but represented as a journey. Being the first blended barley vodka inspired by Scottish traditions, it’s experimented and re-engineered to go beyond those traditions and fuse them with modern creativity. It stands on its own, drawing inspiration from the method rather than the myth, creating intense, elevated experiences that strive for perfection.

Land Art

The art of our world is within a deep appreciation at X MUSE with ancient wisdom, science and philosophy, art and alchemy being deeply rooted into the brand. Within these mediums comes spirituality, alongside the ingredients and resources of Scotland that the basis of the heritage barley vodka is sourced. With the Beauty of water carrying its own history, Scotland's Bonnington Estate, at the heart of Jupiter Artland. The banks and barrows alongside the pristine lakes were crafted by land artist Charles Jencks. Becoming a key source with X MUSEvodka sourcing from that aquifer, land art and creativity within the environment is just as important.

With sixty percent of most spirits containing water, the source and birthplace of that water is sometimes missed. Therefore the basis of X MUSE’s water as it’s purified underground and extracted above ground, it brings a special dimension to the spirit with its energised water showcasing the energy of the earth. Other inspirations from our natural world come about in a mixology cocktail fusing X MUSEvodka in the ‘Garda Muse’ cocktail, a cocktail interpretation of the art that is Garda Lake. It combines fresh ingredients to replicate the essence of the land and all it’s known for like its olive oil and lemons. Being the ideal interpretation of the earth's beauty in celebration of art and creativity.

Sculpture and Poetry

As a brand, X MUSE recognises the parallels between art and business, incorporating the discourse of specific artists and ‘art thinking’ into its brand vision and methods. Seeking out and engaging in places where art and creativity are celebrated like that of inspiration figure Ian Hamilton Finlay. The Scottish poet, writer, artist and publisher began to display after the war and tried to find the poetic style of concrete poetry, exploring the visuals and architecture of poetry on the page alongside its typography and writing. These poem objects and Ian Hamilton Finlay's obsession with classical architectural forms are an inspirational creativity for all, following his death a statue of Xth Muse was made in 2008 as a commemoration, which led to our name X MUSE. Its spiritual home is Jupiter Artland, the award-winning sculpture park founded by Nicky and Robert Wilson is an important inspiration figure through X MUSE. Ian Hamilton Finlay’s art and creativity also inspired an expert mixology cocktail “Star / MUSt / StEer” inspired by one of his poems. During this cocktail one must wonder about the infinite universe of humanity and beyond, with a fusion of X MUSE vodka, Drambuie and Orange bitters for a match made in heaven.