World Food Day: What To Pair With Your Vodka Cocktails This Autumn

With World Food Day approaching it brings not only awareness to food and our resources but awareness of our relationship with the natural world and how we should work in harmony with it.

Here at X MUSE, pronounced ‘tenth muse’, the tenth muse pushes us towards perfect harmony and balance. The qualities found in our vodka highlight our relationship with the natural world, as our process relies on artisanal techniques that let nature drive the way. With the main component of our spirit, drawing water from the ancient aquifer nature is key in the creation of X MUSE vodka. That said, balance also comes with drinking and enjoying our heritage Barley vodka, pairing it correctly to celebrate its flavour profile. Therefore, in this article we’ll talk through how to truly celebrate our vodka and ancient Scottish traditions by harmonising our vodka with some autumnal cocktail pairings, to celebrate World Food Day 2022.

Flavour Profile Of X MUSE Scottish Vodka

With distinct distilling methods and the first Heritage Barley vodka comes with an array of distinct flavours, suitable for straight sipping or blended with mixers for a cocktail. On the nose X MUSE’s flavour profile is fussed with ripe, fragrant apples and pears as a first note then undertones of cider and apple pie come into play. The ideal autumnal flavours when scouting for a vodka to match with autumnal flavours. With vodka made up of 60% water the craft and delicacy of the water counts, X MUSE vodka is sourced from Scottish highlands at Scotland’s Bonnington Estate surrounded by small lakes; it's a place where water is truly celebrated and crafted to a delicious standard.

As for the vodka palate, it’s a delicate, fresh mouthfeel with a hint of pear sweetness opening up alongside crisp apples and hints of honey and ginger. An underlying dryness with a hint of creaminess. X MUSE uses two heritage prized barley varieties for flavour, Plumage Archer and Marris Otte alongside spirit making traditions and cutting-edge techniques to craft the distinct blend. With a finish of juicy apples and pear drops alongside dry base notes X MUSE and it’s heritage barley fuelled distilling that draws out the barleys finest qualities. It is the interplay and communion of crafts that make X MUSE vodka so unique.

Vodka Fall Cocktails

With the production stages employing artisanal processes and cutting-edge techniques to compose the perfect blend and taste of vodka, it can be enjoyed on its own or in vodka cocktails. Below are a selection of autumnal cocktail blends to enjoy this World Food Day.

X MUSE Bloody Mary

First served at X MUSE Helicon Workshop reception at Cromwell Place our retake on a bloody mary is the ideal heading into autumn.

-50ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka -30ml Fino Lustau Sherry -20ml Tomato Liquor -10ml Agave Syrup (2:1) -5 dashes Saline -5 dashes Green Tabasco -1 Ice block

Garnish: Basil & Greeted Horseradish Glasswear: Rock Method: Build and stir ingredients

Kithship Rituals Cocktail

Inspired by Alberta Whittle this cocktail is a level up this fall. First served back in October 2021 at MATCHESFASHION Frieze X MUSE dinner, it’s been a classic ever since.

What You Will Need: -50ml X MUSE Barley Vodka -50ml Fig, Rosemary and Ginger Syrup*

Garnish: Rosemart & Fig (attah Rosemart to stem with mini peg) Glassware: Nick ‘n’ Nora Method: Stir down both ingredients and pour into a chilled glass

***Preparation ** To make the rosemary, ginger and fig syrup: -Take 20ml of Rosemary water (approx. 1 sprif per 100ml boil for 5 minutes) -5ml of Gimber ginger concentrate -10ml of Koutsogiorgakis Fig syrup -10ml Briottet Creme de Fig -5ml Sugar syrup

Apple Cider Mule

A remake of our classic X MUSE MULE, this cocktail is the ideal autumnal addition to try and experiment with.

What You Will Need: -50ml oz X MUSE Barley Vodka -20ml oz Apple Cider -95ml oz Ginger Beer -10ml Simple Syrup (1:1) -Squeeze of Lime

Garnish: Lime segment and powdered cinnamon to garnish Glass: Highball Method: Shake the ingredients and build