Luxury Vodka Gifts For Vodka Lovers

Gifting season is upon us, and with that comes the pressure to get the ideal presents for those around us - which is where X MUSE comes in. Here at X MUSE, we specialise in creating a unique, and transcendent experience that comes with drinking a luxury spirit such as our Scottish blended barley vodka. In this article, we will be giving you our top three recommended gifts for the vodka lover in your life.

1. Bring Your Own Bottle

Many of us are taught that showing up empty-handed, whether that be to a party or an intimate get-together is a massive faux pas. It’s common party etiquette to bring your own bottle of alcohol, which, in most cases, can double up as a gift. The host will be delighted by a luxury spirit, and will even make for a welcome accompaniment to many cocktails served in the evening.

Luckily for all your party guests, here at X MUSE, we specialise in luxury. Our Scottish Blend Barley can now be brought in a breath-taking gift box. Not only will your guest be getting an affluent spirit, but also it will be presented in the same vein.

2. Martini: Shaken Not Stirred

Naturally, if you are buying gifts for a vodka lover, they will also adore one of the most popular vodka-based cocktails - the martini. Much like James Bond, we agree that this has to be one of the most inspired, and classic serves out there.

Here at X MUSE, we have all your martini needs, including Olive Picks, Olive Glass ( both coming soon!), and of course, the Martini Glass. All of these items together make for the most essential martini-making kit out there. Make sure that the vodka lover in your life is shaking their cocktails to perfection, with all of these martini must-haves.

3. The Art of Tasting

Vodka can typically lend itself to being a sipping spirit, where many tend to only have a small neat glass containing only a tipple. Our X MUSE Tasting Glasses are currently not yet on the market, but in time, will make another ideal gift for the vodka-lover in your life.

With important holidays such as Christmas on the horizon, it’s vital that we start thinking about presents that will wow our loved ones. Our Testing Glasses could be that unique gift that many spirit drinkers won’t have yet on their drink shelves or in their bar cart. Get them something special and different this year.

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