Our How-To Guide For The Best Way To Sip Vodka

Vodka has a long history of being the perfect base for many cocktails and is used in drinks with mixers, however, it as a spirit is changing. It has started to move away from the mainstream way of drinking and evolving into a drink that has more flavour notes.

At X MUSE Vodka, we wanted to create a spirit that was like no other. We want you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of the best Scottish vodka. We know that the idea of sipping on a spirit neat may not seem appealing but you haven't tried X MUSE Vodka and in this article, we will tell you the best way to enjoy our delicious spirit on the rocks. There is an art to sipping spirits, you don’t just simply pour the liquor into a glass and sit down, there is a process to follow.

How To Pick The Right Artisan Vodka For You

Artisan vodka simply is known as a neutral and plain vodka, which makes it perfect to be the base of many drinks and cocktails as well as sipping on. However, with the ever-changing landscape of vodka at X MUSE we wanted to create the perfect, refreshing drink by employing the best techniques, methods and highest-quality ingredients. This has created a flavourful and smooth drinking experience like no other.

Our Scottish vodka has a wealth of heritage, flavour, and history and is the first blended barley vodka from Scotland. Honouring spirit-making traditions and uses two heritage prized barley varieties for flavour.

X MUSE draws water from the ancient aquifer at the heart of Jupiter Artland. Water, the main component of this spirit, carries history within it. The production stages employ artisanal processes and cutting-edge techniques to compose the perfect blend and taste, perfect on its own or in a vodka cocktail.

What Is The Best Way To Sip Vodka?

If you’ve never thought of vodka as something to drink neat, then maybe it is time to try it! Drinking spirits neat is a skill, you don’t want to take big gulps and drink it like you would any other cocktail or beer. However, our premium vodka isn’t limited to just sipping, it is the perfect base for your cocktails when it is mixed with other ingredients.

Here are our top tips on sipping your artisan vodka:

1. Choose The Perfect Barley Vodka

The first step is choosing the best vodka. Vodka made with barley has a distinct and flavoursome palate. X MUSE Vodka is an experience from beginning to end. It smells ripe, like fragrant apples and pears with delicious hints of cider and apple pie, and then pear drops emerge together with freshly pressed apple juice.

However, X MUSE is also a sensational experience for the mouth with a delicate, fresh mouthfeel, with the perfect sweetness that releases pear drops and juicy, crisp apples. Along with hints and notes of honey, ginger and nutmeg, leading to cider notes and subtle, underlying dryness with a hint of creaminess. The aftertaste and how it finishes is what is the show stopper. It leaves a pleasant lingering taste of apples and pear drops balanced by dry base notes, and then cider emerges with hints of baked apples and ginger.

2. The Colder The Better

Vodka is best served cold, vodka doesn't freeze so pop your X MUSE Vodka in the freezer along with your chosen glass before you are ready to serve.

3. Did Someone Say Vodka On The Rocks?

It is completely up to you if you want your vodka on the rocks, it is a great way to keep your vodka cold if you haven't had time to chill it and it will slowly dilute the taste. Adding water is a quick and easy way to dial down the intense flavour of vodka.

Ice cubes may interfere slightly with experiencing the full flavoursome notes of the vodka but it will make it easier to drink and over time you will become accustomed to the intense and harsh notes and the vodka.

4. Slow And Steady Is The Trick

Drinking vodka neat is not the kind of drink that you gulp down and quickly order another one (unless you want to) it is to be sipped and slowly enjoyed. Especially if you are new to sipping vodka, then taking big gulps may leave a sharp taste in your mouth. Swirl the drink in your glass and take small sips.