Our Ultimate Guide To The Local Ingredients Included in X MUSE Vodka

Your drink of choice is only as good as the ingredients and craft behind it. Vodka is a versatile spirit that can be made and distilled in many different ways and from many different things. This is unlike whiskey or tequila, which have a specific distillation and base process.

Vodka is commonly known as neutral and light spirit but it is far more diverse than that, the ingredients used have a huge impact and effect on the notes, flavours and texture. The history, ingredients and innovation is what makes our Scottish vodka unique and pure. X MUSE vodka is made with barley that makes drinking it a tantalising and sensational experience.

Everything You Need To Know About X MUSE Vodka

Vodka is more than just a drink it is the tenth muse to cherish, enjoy and savour. Our vodka is the first blended barley vodka that is crafted using inspiration from the spirit making traditions of Scotland. The history, craftsmanship have made us look to new crafts and new methods. This led us to blend heritage barley and the purest water to produce a delicious vodka of the richest, deepest character and qualities.

X MUSE vodka embodies innovation that is bursting with flavour that has rich and fragrant vodka tasting notes. The nose of the vodka is ripe, fragrant apples and pears, hints of cider and apple pie, then pear drops emerge together with freshly pressed apple juice.

The palate is delicate, fresh mouthfeel, sweetness opens up releasing pear drops and juicy, crisp apples together with richer, baked apples, hints of honey, ginger and nutmeg, leading to cider notes and subtle, underlying dryness with a hint of creaminess. To finish it is juicy apples and pear drops balanced by dry base notes, then cider emerges with hints of baked apples and ginger.

What Ingredients Go Into Making X MUSE Vodka

Our barley vodka embodies new tasting notes and brings a new experience of drinking this exquisite spirit. The final bottled X MUSE vodka is nothing but luxury and fragrant flavours. That is why the focus is on the ingredients that go into X MUSE vodka are the stars of the show. They have been handpicked and thought out to create the luxurious, smooth so sip on and enjoy.

1. Heritage Barley

The use of barley within the vodka blends two heritage varieties, Plumage Archer and Marris Otter, grown in the UK and distilled separately. X MUSE vodka is the first blended vodka to be produced using barley and it is the flavour that this bends produces that make X MUSE smooth, rich and complex enough for straight-up sipping or enjoying as part of a cocktail.

2. Scottish Water

The inspiration from the Scottish spirit producing process also is behind the purity of the water used within our own crafting process. We use the ancient aquifer at Scotland’s Bonnington Estate.

Water is what makes our vodka smooth and pure because whereas most spirits are made up of approximately 60 percent water with little quality or purity. We understand that water plays a massive part in the taste and texture because it carries the charge of rocks and minerals. The water used as the base element of X MUSE is drawn from that aquifer. It is water purified underground and exalted above ground.

3. The Blended Vodka Approach

X MUSE vodka is an innovative approach to the process of making vodka. The use of blending two barleys together is an essential part of whisky making and we have built on this to create and build on these blending traditions but apply them in a new way.

Our heritage barleys are distilled separately, drawing out their finest qualities and blended together. We then let this blend rest before bottling, allowing the distillates time to commingle.