What Does X MUSE Vodka Taste Like?

A common misconception is that all vodka has a bland taste and shouldn’t be consumed without a mixer. It is true that the taste nuances in vodka are very subtle, but drinking your vodka in the right way is crucial for the ultimate experience. With cheaper vodkas, which have usually been created to be consumed as a mixer, the tasting notes will be very different to high-end, luxury vodkas. For a full vodka experience and being able to appreciate the flavour of vodka, it’s recommended to go for a premium vodka brand.

The Importance Of Vodka Tasting Notes

Before taste testing vodka, it’s important to understand more about the origins of vodka. Spend some time looking into the history of vodka, as it will help to develop a good technique when it comes to vodka tasting. As you’re probably aware of, some vodkas are very neutral whilst others have a distinctive mouthfeel and flavour. By trialling different vodkas, you’ll be able to distinguish the different flavours and tasting notes that each vodka has.

Here at X MUSE Vodka, an emphasis is placed on both taste and texture. This is done by adding different ingredients, production methods and unique distillation processes to ensure the highest quality barley vodka. X MUSE vodka contains hints of lemon zest and grist, which brings out a unique flavour palette.

How X MUSE Tasting Notes Are Unique

For premium vodka brands, an important part of the flavour comes from the location where the water is sourced. X MUSE draws the water used in their premium barley vodka from an ancient aquifer at the heart of Jupiter Artland. The rocks and rich foils on this land have filtered water for centuries which results in the clearest, purest water. Over 60% of premium vodka is water, so sourcing the purest water with a unique origin is crucial for establishing the best vodka. At X MUSE, we honour Scottish history by using the purest ingredients to bring forward a unique flavour palette of our barley vodka.

As X MUSE uses barley vodka, they have a unique approach which makes the flavour completely different from other vodka brands. In fact, X MUSE is the first vodka brand to use blended barley vodka distilled in Scotland, which is a country filled with centuries of spirit-making traditions. By using a unique blending method, X MUSE’s vodka has a distinctive taste and complex flavour, which makes it perfect for straight-up sipping.

As for the precise tasting notes, when it comes to sipping on X MUSE, you can expect the nose to be fragrant with a hint of apple and pears. The palette of the vodka will be delicate, with a fresh mouthfeel, and you may even note a few hints of honey, ginger and nutmeg. Whereas the finish will have juicy apples and pear drops balanced by dry base notes, then cider emerges with hints of more baked apples and ginger.

How To Properly Taste Vodka

When it comes to vodka tastings, it’s important that this is done in a specific way. The shape of the glass the vodka is consumed out of, actually determines the taste. As well as the temperature the vodka is served in. At X MUSE, we recommend using a tulip-shaped glass as it helps to concentrate the bouquet. Besides that, we recommend serving the premium vodka at room temperature to account for the best tasting experience.

Start your tasting session with bringing the glass to your nose and gently and gradually smell the vodka notes. This is where you should be able to recognise the delicate notes and nuances of the vodka. This is also where prior experience tasting vodka, and an extensive knowledge about the origin of vodka comes in handy - it will help you to distinguish the unique ingredients of the spirit.

Then, when it comes to actually tasting the vodka, it’s recommended to keep the spirit in your mouth for a bit before swallowing it. Pay great attention to the different notes and flavours, especially spices, flowers, and any other unique flavours you can identify. For a more detailed guide on how to taste vodka, we recommend consulting our website.