Our Take On The Classic Vodka Martini

One of the best ways to enjoy X MUSE Scottish Vodka is by adding it to a cocktail. Many types of cocktails can really draw out the barley flavour of this vodka, but what better cocktail to start with than the classic vodka martini? Everyone knows about this classic drink, even if you don’t know your spirits from your spritzers. But where has it come from and how does it benefit from our Scottish vodka?

The History Of The Vodka Martini

The history of the martini is simple, in terms of the fact that it really hasn’t changed much. But this doesn’t mean that its history isn’t rich. It first appeared in 1887 under the name ‘Martinez’, even then it was front and centre in a bartending manual. By the early 1910s, this understated drink got the star treatment in New York City at the hands of a bartender called Martini Di Arma Di Taggia. He added gin, vermouth, orange bitters and an olive garnish which was all very revolutionary at the time.

New York and Manhattan are where this cocktail really garnered its ‘classic’ title by many a socialite. This not only came down to the drink but the glass it sits in. Presentation is everything to a socialite and this fine drink is no exception. Typically served in a cocktail glass that is stemmed and has an inverted cone bowl, now known to us as a Martini glass, it elevated the look of the drink as well as being of practical benefit by having the stem be a way for the liquid to avoid becoming the unbearable lukewarm temperature. Commonly, people sipped on this serve sans ice, as it helped it stay cooler, for longer. Both beautiful and practical, it's clear to see why this drink has stood the test of time.

While this drink really doesn’t need to change much, some people prefer it with little tweaks to cater to their needs. For example, a certain British spy with a licence to kill shakes things around somewhat. We are of course speaking about James Bond, who switches out the gin for its less showy but certainly not lacking, vodka and has it shaken not stirred of course. Some have even mixed martini with bear to elevate the evening. That’s the thing with a classic and simplistic drink. There’s room for it to embody the personality of the one drinking.

Our Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe

This is where X MUSE takes some of its inspiration, we switch out the gin for our Scottish Barley Vodka while adding in a couple of extras. This vodka is the first blended barley vodka from Scotland. Honouring spirit-making traditions, X MUSE uses two heritage-prized barley varieties for flavour, Plumage Archer and Marris Otter. We also draw water from the ancient aquifer at the heart of Jupiter Artland. This recipe is one of the simpler ones but is perfect because it means that the vodka can really shine through as it dances in the glass with the dry vermouth. It was first served in the Helicon Workshop reception and was created by Denis Broci.

How To Make The X MUSE Signature Martini

The way to create the perfect vodka martini is to stir (not shake) X MUSE Scottish barley vodka with dry vermouth, some simple syrup and salt, before garnishing with a lemon coin.

You will need:
-60ml of X MUSE Scottish Barley Vodka
-10ml of Schofield’s by Asterley Bros, English Dry Vermouth
-2.5ml (2:1) Simple Syrup
-3 Dashes of Salt
-Garnish: Lemon Coin
-Glassware: Coupette or Martini Glass

To make this serve, simply stir down the ingredients, fine strain, and pour into a chilled glass - with no ice!