The Perfect Vodka Martini Recipe

The correct way to make the perfect vodka martini can be a controversial topic, often disputed amongst liquor connoisseurs, depending on who you speak to. Some insist on gin, whereas others prefer vodka. Bond may opt for shaken, but you may request your martini stirred.

The incredible consistency of an ever-inconsistent recipe is the versatility of its very notion. Here at X MUSE, we have noted down our take on the perfect vodka martini especially for you, with some interesting facts about the infamous cocktail in this article.

What's In a Vodka Martini?

The ingredients required for a Vodka martini can and should be straightforward.. the general foundations for a vodka martini consist of vodka (of course), dry vermouth and olives (any green olives will suffice, but Spanish olives got down particularly well). Naturally, there have been a variety of different martini recipes over the years. Check out our very own vodka martini cocktail recipe below.

X MUSE Vodka Martini Recipe

Created by Denis Broci, our take on the classic Martini will leave your taste buds refreshed and surely eager for more. Often associated with James Bond and the classic dirty vodka martini - shaken, not stirred - our recipe is thoroughly Scottish, and one that Bond himself would more than likely give his seal of approval.

The way to create the perfect vodka martini is to stir (not shake) X MUSE Scottish barley vodka with dry vermouth, some simple syrup and salt, before garnishing with a lemon coin. This particular martini recipe was first unveiled at our Helicon workshop reception at Cromwell place, back in November 2021.

-60ml of X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
-10ml Schofields English Dry Vermouth
-2.5ml Simple Syrup (2:1)
-3 dashes of salt

Simply stir down the ingredients above and fine strain the liquid For the perfect vodka martini we recommend serving this drink in a (chilled) coupette glass. To garnish simply add a lemon coin and you’re set.

How Do You Make A Dirty Vodka Martini?

If you’re wondering how to make a vodka martini dirty, it is often the saltier, savoury choice. The ‘dirty’ part requires adding olive brine, typically taken from a jar of cocktail olives and will generally include an olive-based garnish to finish. If our classic vodka martini recipe doesn't satisfy your tastebuds, perhaps you’d be more inclined to try one of our enticing cocktails with a twist below.

Matches Matcha Martini Recipe

The X MUSE Matches Matcha Martini was first revealed at the MatchesFashion Frieze dinner which we hosted back in October 2021, and proves to be an absolutely stunning example of our many delicious vodka cocktails with a twist. The X MUSE matcha martini is served using our Scottish barley vodka stirred with both vermouth and matcha tea syrup, before garnishing with black olives.

-50ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
-30ml Belsazar White Vermouth
-10ml Matcha Tea Syrup *
-Black Olives

The best way to serve the matcha martini is in a chilled X MUSE Coupette by Formafantasma. Just stir the ingredients and ensure your glass has been chilled before pouring. To finish, garnish with black olives and enjoy!

*Preparation: In order to make the matcha tea syrup, combine 100g of sugar, 10g of matcha tea and 100ml of hot water before leaving to cool down. Add 5ml organic green food colouring and..voila!

We hope you enjoy our vodka-inspired version of the classic martini. For more inspiration for delicious vodka cocktails, check out 3 classic vodka cocktails you can make at home.