Spring Has Sprung: Our Ultimate Guide To Easy Vodka-Based Spring Cocktails

The weather is warming up, the days are drawing longer and spring has sprung! Here at X Muse, we have put together a guide to the easiest and best vodka cocktails you and your friends can enjoy this spring. All these recipes will include our very own Blended Barley Vodka, a rich, deep liquor with perfect character and qualities.

We encourage all to celebrate this new season, and the perfect way to do that is with our traditional Scottish spirit. Our vodka combines notes of fresh pears and crisp, tart apples for an irresistibly delicate mouthfeel. It’s an excellent addition to any cocktail, but we have compiled only the best for you and your loved ones to enjoy together.

That being said, here are the perfect, low-calorie Vodka Cocktails for an ideal spring time celebration.

Embrace Your Bubbly Side With Our X MUSE Fresh-Spiration Cocktail

Cocktail genius Denis Broci created this vodka-based drink in November 2021. It is a modern, elegant, yet simple cocktail that requires only a few ingredients. It uses our X MUSE, Italicus and soda, served with a slice of pink grapefruit and mint. Simple yet effective!

With days becoming sunnier yet staying pleasantly crisp, there’s nothing better to have with your light lunches and snacks than our minty, tart grapefruit soda Fresh-Spiration Cocktail.

The fusions of grapefruit and citrus soda are balanced nicely by fresh mint springs, combining in a highly satisfying flavour that will usher a long hot summer weather nicely.

This cocktail will suit a variety of occasions, it is highly versatile and a truly perfect pick for any gathering or occasion that you may host or attend. So for a simple and sweet vodka experience, it's a must-have this spring.

-50 ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
-10 ml Italicus
-75ml Soda

-One Slice of Pink Grapefruit, Mint Spring

-Highball or rock

-Build and stir the ingredients together.

Stay Stylish With Our X MUSE Martini Cocktail

For a more traditional fabulous, yet simple cocktail option, we recommend our very own Martini recipe. A smart blend of dry vermouth with our spirits and a citrus kick, this amalgam is a brilliantly energising drink and a perfect addition to your spring get-togethers.

Although this drink is a staple in bars and restaurants worldwide, our unique vodka with all its hidden and subtle fruity notes truly brings something new to the table. We are certain that this fan-favourite will perform splendidly at any social event or even just a normal, laid-back meal.

Whatever your plans are this spring, a simple and timeless X MUSE Martini Cocktail can make any occasion that much livelier. Our spirits bring people together, and as spring and summer roll around, there's no better time than now to get your cocktail game up to par. Trust us for a high-quality vodka experience that never falters and make this the year of great drinks, start with an X MUSE martini vodka cocktail.

-60ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
-10ml Schofields by Asterley Bros, English Dry Vermouth
-2.5ml simple syrup (2:1)
-3 dashes of salt

-Lemon Coin


Stir down the ingredients, fine strain and pour into a chilled glass.

Defrost With An X MUSE Bonnington Cocktail

Our zesty, warming Bonnington cocktail with its subtle bitterness, and fruity sweetness is perfect for springtime. The exciting and rich blends of sherry and herbal amaro paired with the notes of ripe pear and apples from our own vodka create an immaculate and unforgettable taste that must be on your radar this season.

For a dazzling drink that will stave off the remaining winter cold, we would highly recommend this cocktail. A great guide into warmer days and a generally smart and aesthetically pleasing choice, this is one of our favourites due to its harmonious flavour and great depth. For the perfect Bonnington cocktail see the ingredients and method below.

-50ml X MUSE vodka
-10ml Cynar
-5ml Braulio Amaro
-2 dashes of mezcal

-Orange peel

-Add all ingredients and stir in a mixing glass.