The Renaissance of Vodka: Why Vodka Deserves A Place On Your Bar Cart In 2022

Gin has been the drink of the moment for a while now, with everyone raving and praising it for its versatile flavours and potential drinks combinations. It has boomed over the recent years, saturating the market with everything from fruit flavoured gins to confectionary ones.

But its reign has come to an end with vodka standing centre stage. The wide variety available intrigued people, but was this more of a fad with everyone having fun trying all the different options? But when the phase passes, their trusted favourite will still be there.

How To Know When Vodka Is Good Quality

The main things to look out for to know the quality of your vodka, is what ingredients were used, which would typically be the grains or potatoes used and the distillery process.

Our X MUSE vodka is not just a quality blend, but the first blended barley vodka distilled in Scotland. We chose to use heritage barley as it is the eco-friendlier and more sustainable than using the traditional barley.

Also, Barley carries with it a long history and of course barley is central to spirit-making tradition in Scotland. It is Barley that gives the finest whisky its rootedness, its connection to the elements. We took everything great about the whiskey making process, along with the barely and created X MUSE, which is the first blended vodka to be produced using two heritage varieties, grown in the UK and distilled separately. It is this mix of barleys that give XMUSE its flavour, making it smooth, rich and complex enough for straight-up sipping as well as the essential component part of cocktails and martinis.

Water for us was a big factor within the vodka making process, most spirits contain 60% water but this could be any water, with not much research into the quality or where it is from. This is why we drew the water for X MUSE from the ancient aquifer at Scotland’s Bonnington Estate, where the water is celebrated, and is a physical expression of thankfulness. Water contains a large history, with rocks and minerals, so the water used is purified underground and exalted above ground.

Move Over Gin…. Hello X MUSE Vodka

Is vodka now the new gin? There has been a new wave with it once again rising in popularity - not that it ever truly went out of style! Its versatility is its best quality, it can be a refreshing drink paired with soda water, or a sugary, sweet cocktail. There is a combination for everyone and their individual palette.

X MUSE embodies everything vodka is proud to be, with its versatility making it the perfect beverage to have at any occasion.

You can’t deny that gin has been number one on many people's list of favourite drinks for quite some time, but it mainly comes down to its wide variety of flavours on offer. The variety is second to none as well as its versatility, the same goes for the price range, its affordability means everyone can enjoy it.

What Serves Can You Make With X MUSE Vodka?

The great benefit of drinking vodka is that it can be paired with any flavour and mixer, to make a delicious drink. Any combination you can think will most likely work! Just think of the classic bloody Mary, who would’ve thought vodka and hot sauce would go together?

Elevate your summer and garden parties and celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with our tenth muse vodka. X MUSE vodka is like none other with its herbal and flavourful body. Vodka has been waiting for its time back in the sun, and X MUSE is here to shine. X MUSE vodka trumps gin for its ability to suit a whole host of different cocktails.

How To Celebrate The Queen’s Jubilee In Style!

X MUSE vodka is the perfect addition to any garden party this summer, why not pour yourself a glass or make one of our famous cocktails to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee? Here is a list of our delicious cocktails to get your garden party on its feet and having a good time.

1. X MUSE Martini

Our X MUSE Martini is the classic take on the traditional martini…shaken not stirred. But instead of gin, ours contains vodka as it easily replaces the flavours of gin with our herbal and refreshing notes.

60ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
10ml Schofield's by Asterley Bros, English Dry Vermouth
2.5ml Simple Syrup (2:1)
3 dashes Salt
Garnish: Lemon Coin

2. X MUSE Bloody Mary

Feel refreshed with our take on the classic bloody Mary. It is tasty and you could even say healthy and it is perfect for any time of day or occasion.

50ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
30ml Fino Lustau Sherry
20ml Tomato Liquor
10ml Agave Syrup (2:1)
5 dashes Saline
5 dashes Green Tabasco
1 Ice Block
Garnish: Basil & Grated Horseradish

3. X MUSE Fresh-Spiration

This cocktail is perfect for sipping in the garden and cheering on the Queen, it has a refreshing balance between being fruity with the added hint of mint. With the Queen's Jubilee right around the corner, it is a perfect way to pay homage to the tradition of street parties, and enjoying drinks and food in the sun.

50ml X MUSE Scottish barley vodka
10ml Italicus
75ml Soda
Garnish: Slice Pink Grapefruit, Mint Spring