3 Elegant Vodka Cocktails To Make For Your Guests

Are you hosting Christmas this year? Or maybe, you are throwing a New Year get-together? Whatever the occasion may be, we understand that it can be hard to come up with cocktails that appear effortless, but will also impress your guests. Pulling some delicious party cocktails out this year is definitely a must, and we are here to help. In this article, we will be suggesting three of our most elegant vodka serves which will leave your guests awestruck this festive season.

1. X MUSE Bloody Mary 2.0

Now, it wouldn’t be a Christmas morning without a small tipple, would it? We are suggesting you swap out your typical Buck’s Fizz, with a more well-rounded drink this year. In terms of classic vodka cocktails, the Bloody Mary has to be up there. But have you ever tried our X MUSE special?

To make this vodka-based cocktail, you will need:

-40ml X MUSE vodka infused in oregano
-10ml Lemon juice
-100ml Passata (mixed with dry tomatoes)
-8 drops of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce
-Celery salt

When it comes to making this cocktail, stir all of the ingredients into a mixing glass, then for the rim of this serve, we recommend Fleur del sel, Szechuan pepper, or soya. Finally, simply garnish the drink with a refreshing slice of cucumber. This Bloody Mary recipe will be sure to see you through the rest of your day of celebrations.

2. Bonnington

Nothing says Christmas, quite like sherry. And what could be better than a sherry cocktail? Go on, it’s the festive season! Our Bonnington tipple is one of our absolute favourites, and is pretty simple to put together. Wow, your guests this Christmas with a cocktail this delicious.

All you will need to make this vodka cocktail is:

-50 ml of X MUSE Vodka
-10ml Cynar
-5ml Braulio Amaro
-2 dashes of Mezcal

We recommend adding all the ingredients into a mixing glass and stirring well for this festive serve. As for the garnish, top it off with an orange peel! Who said party cocktails couldn’t be both tasty and stress-free?

3. X MUSE Martini

Last but definitely not least, is the X MUSE Martini - another classic vodka cocktail that will have to make an appearance before 2022 is over. The martini is a fan-favourite, and is one of the most elegant cocktails to serve this New Year.

All you will need for this X MUSE vodka martini is:

-60ml X MUSE Vodka
-10ml English Dry Vermouth
-2.5ml Simple Syrup
-3 Dashes of Salt

For the creation of this tremendous tipple, stir down the ingredients, then fine-strain them and pour them into a glass. Garnish with a lemon coin, and serve in a coupette, for maximum effect!