4 Top Vodka Cocktails To Celebrate Valentine's Day

At X MUSE we don’t just believe that Valentine’s day needs to be stereotypical. Don’t get us wrong - we love flowers, chocolates and a romantic card - but sometimes a little something different does the trick. Why not celebrate the day of romance with Valentine’s day cocktails - vodka based of course - paired with fragrant flavours and extra pizazz to make your significant other’s cupid dreams come true.

Treat Your Partner This Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine's day, it can be hard to know what to get your partner or new lover. Some advice to keep you out of trouble when it comes to gifting, stay away from anything diet or weight loss related, a kitchen appliance (unless specifically asked for), or a gadget that you secretly want more than them. You can’t go wrong with either a dinner in or taking them out!

If you are planning a romantic Valentine’s day evening, then we have some pointers to keep the night moving along and the spirits high. Keep in mind that eating a rich dessert after an indulgent dinner can sometimes be too much to handle, but we have the perfect alternative dessert cocktails.

Swap out your chocolate cake for a classic cocktail for Valentine’s day! Chances are that you’ve already tried some of the classic vodka cocktails like a Martini or a bloody mary. X MUSE vodka makes the perfect base for a decadent vodka dessert cocktail.

Build Romance This Valentine’s Day, The X MUSE Way

Go classic and memorable with a cocktail evening, get all the ingredients in and set up a cocktail making station. This will show your partner the effort you have gone to, to make the night special. Effort and thoughtfulness are the two ingredients for a fruitful evening and even more delicious relationship. An evening filled with good food and vodka cocktails will be a sure fire way to keep the kindle alight for more than a night.

Here are some great cocktails for you to try this Valentine’s day:

1. The Oracle

This Valentine’s day cocktail is a sweet, yet sour drink, with tantalising notes of X MUSE vodka. Perfect for a sweet, warming pick-me-up with a dash of zest. An Oracle can be defined as any person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication. So why not communicate your love through our oracle vodka based cocktail.

The Oracle is a perfect vodka cocktail, made with X MUSE Vodka infused in olive oil, with mastiha, lemon juice, and sugar syrup garnished with a green olive.

-35ml X Muse Vodka infused in olive oil
-15ml Mastiha
-15ml Lemon juice
-5ml Simple syrup

-Green olive

This is a classic vodka cocktail that wants to be shaken, and not stirred! Add all the ingredients into your cocktail shaker and shake! Then serve in your favourite glass and pop a couple of olives in.

2. X MUSE Signature Martini

Made popular by the one and only James Bond, why not make your partner a sophisticated martini and shake or stir their world.

This classic vodka based cocktail is simple yet timeless. It uses our X MUSE vodka, stirred with dry vermouth, distilled olivers, and served with a caperberry. One of our staple vodka-based cocktails for Valentine’s day 2023.

-50ml X Muse Vodka
-1ml Oli Still


3. Magical Tales

Our Magical Tales Cocktail has a surprising and delicate interplay of sweet, sour, bitter and salty taste, which is derived from the raspberries, lemons and campari.

-40ml X Muse vodka
-10ml Campari
-20ml Lemon juice
-20ml Fresh raspberry syrup

Black salt (combine fleur de sel salt, black sesame, and activated charcoal with pestle and mortar)

4. X MUSE Fresh-Spiration

Our X Muse Fresh-Spiration is a refreshing cocktail with vodka that is perfect for any occasion. It is simple, using only italicus and soda, served with a slice of pink grapefruit and mint.

-50ml X Muse Scottish barley vodka
-10ml Italicus
-75ml Soda

-Sliced Pink Grapefruit
-Mint Spring

-Highball or Rock

Build all the ingredients together and stir to make a sweet and refreshing vodka cocktail for Valentine’s day 2023.