What Are The 4 Types Of Vodka?

Vodka is a globally popular alcoholic drink, it is renowned for its neutrality and versatility by nature. It can be used as a base for cocktails, stand alone or a simple drink with one mixer. As it has continually grown in popularity there are a number of different types of vodkas.

At X MUSE we took the nature of this neutral light spirit and wanted to create an innovative way to rebrand the nature of the popular drink and make it a delight to sip and enjoy. In this article, we will explore the different types of vodkas and what makes our Scottish barley vodka supreme.

The Different Types Of Vodka

When we talk about vodka, the first thing that comes to mind is a plan, flavourless liquor you mix your OJ with, in the parties. Fun stuff, but that is not what vodka is limited to. There are various types of vodka – the plain kind is definitely a popular variety, but there are flavoured and fruit vodkas that would blow your mind. All of them have their unique taste profile and alcohol quantity. We have broken down each different type of vodka below and you will find the flavours and notes you can expect from each of the different types of vodka.

Plain Vodkas

Plain vodka is what people generally think of when they think of what vodka is. It is a neutral spirit that is the perfect base for many cocktails for you to sip and enjoy. It also most commonly has a high alcohol content and its taste largely varies across different brands and the different ingredients and type of alcohol that was used in the process. However, over the years some brands are reinventing artisan vodka and adding foursome notes to plain vodka where you can find hints of spice or fruit.

Flavoured Vodkas

Flavoured vodkas are continually gaining momentum and popularity. They come in all different flavours and you can enjoy them on their own or mix with a plain mixer such as soda water and enjoy a refreshing, flavoursome drink.

Don't get flavoured and fruit vodka confused. They are similar but flavoured vodka is a lot more similar to plain vodka in taste, alcohol content and flavour profile.

This is because the same basic ingredients are used and the only difference is the sugar content, at least 5% sugar is added to sweeten and smooth the sharp notes that are in plain vodka.

Fruit Vodkas

This vodka is infused with fruit and the making process takes a longer amount of time to really penetrate the vodka and draw the alcohol and fruit together.

To fully extract the fruit flavour from the alcohol, the fruit is infused for up to three weeks. The rind is meticulously filtered after this time so it doesn't disrupt the alcohol.

The vodka is now ready to be blended with any other flavours to give it a more sophisticated body and flavour and it is then left to mature for a period of time so that the rich flavour can emerge. The majority of the flavour profile of the drink is created by the ageing process, which is comparable to that of other pricey alcoholic beverages like wine and whisky.

Grain Vodkas

Grain vodka is sharp and dry vodka and is typically made using pure rye, and then is mixed with water to start the distillation and infusion process. This type of vodka will not be able to be purchased in your supermarket or corner shop. It is a bold, strong vodka with sharp notes that seasoned, vodka connoisseurs appreciate.

Grain vodka is pure alcohol and goes through a process to make sure none of the alcohol is watered down or taken away from the alcohol content. Instead this process adds notes and flavours of citrus fruits such as lemon or lime or pepper.

What Makes X MUSE Vodka Stand Out?

Artisanal vodka has long had a reputation as being a neutral spirit that is great for mixing, but it is not traditionally a drink that can be sipped and enjoyed. At X MUSE we saw an opening for a new innovative way to enjoy vodka and create a barley vodka that showcases raw ingredients and harnesses greater character as a result.

Our heritage and innovation combined is what makes our Scottish vodka the best quality and flavour profile. It is the first blended vodka to be produced using two different heritage varieties of barley.

It is this mix of barleys, prized for their flavour rather than their yield, that make X MUSE smooth, rich and complex enough for straight-up sipping as well as the essential component part of cocktails and martinis.